Boating Around New York

img_9483_editedFirst weekend of fall in New York my friends and I decided to go for a boat ride. It was something that we wanted to do over the summer, however, we didn’t do the proper research on time…but hey! it is never too late for a boat ride around New York…right?It was such a fun experience for us! So I decided to share with you our adventure as well as everything you need to know to do your own boat ride!

Last Saturday was such a cold and cloudy morning that I personally thought it was going to be quite chilly and grey all day long! Luckily it cleared out and it turned into a lovely sunny day.

Our boat ride started in Port Washington Long Island, which was where we picked up the boat in a first place.


 To be more precise, the place where we rent the boat from is called “Long Island Boat Rentals“. In order to rent and drive the boat by your own, you must have the knowledge and experience navigating that they require. If you don’t have any experience on boating, they offer a “Boater Education and Safety Program“. The boating training can be done in two hours or more, depending on your ability and skills. If you don’t want to go through the boating lessons, they also offer the option to rent a boat with a captain who will drive the boat for you.

They have different kinds of boats and the price varies on them. Depending on how many people are going to be part of the trip they would suggest the best option for you. (If you want to find more boating rental information click HERE)


As I mention before, the sky started to clear up pretty soon after we started our boating adventure. I have to confess that I was a little afraid at the beginning (I can be a little chicken on the water); however, when we started the ride and the fun came up, I totally forgot about my fears 🙂


Have you ever been picked up in a boat? Two of our friends where able to cross that out from their “check list” (such great deal, don’t you think so?). Once we left Port Washington we navigated towards New Rochelle Marina to pick up one of our friends. After he joined, we headed towards downtown NYC to pick up another friend.


The view was stunning! So we spent most of the day admiring the NYC skyline and floating down the waters of the Hudson River. The boat had the option to connect our own music to an speaker which made our experience even more enjoyable. We boated from 10am until 6pm, so we made sure to have enough food and drinks with us.



My outfit of the day was very casual. I have to confess that I was going to wear a lovely blue dress with a denim jacket. However, where I saw how grey and chilly were in the morning, I decided to change! I didn’t have much options and time to think on something else because I was not at home! Luckily, I had with me a pair of jeans and I just had to borrow a men’s shirt (literally, that was my best option)…So this “boat outfit” was kind of improvised…but at the end of the day I loved it! (People say that best things in life aren’t planned…right? 😉 ). I accessorized my outfit with this cute hat a my new sunnies from Mango.



What a better way to finish our lovely day with this amazing sunset! I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed this boat ride. If you are in New York, I totally recommend you to experience this adventure. It worth every single minute of our day ♥

This sums our boating adventure around New York. I hope you enjoyed it and  found helpful information to plan your own boating trip. If you want to know anything in particular about this trip comment bellow!

Have you ever boated in New York? I would love to hear from your experiences as well.

PS: Special thanks to our amazing captain “Martinicky” for making this trip possible and keep us all safe 🙂

Chao Chao

Monica V (Vive Brunette)


8 Comments Add yours

  1. gwang12 says:

    It is an interesting trip of boating that attracts me a lot. And the amazing photograph help me have a nice view of New York city.

    1. moni0626 says:

      Hi! I’m glad you got attracted by the pictures. Thank you for reading the blog post! 🙂

  2. rrsn says:

    Really nice! Do you know if those trips are available only during summer or we can still or we can still envoy it during october? Thank you!!

    1. moni0626 says:

      Hi! yes you can still renting boats during the fall. If you want you can check their webpage and get in touch with them to find out the availability for the month.

  3. xmei01 says:

    Very nice experience.I also very much hope to have such a trip

    1. moni0626 says:

      Hey! Thank you and definitely you should give it a try. If you do it in a group it is not that expensive!

  4. wow, so cool! it’s a nice trip, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. how much rent a boat? expensive?

    1. moni0626 says:

      Hey, sorry for the late reply. the rent of the boat was $600 but we were 10 people so basically each of us paid $60. I hope this is useful. Have a great day!

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