What Is Chinese Dumpling?

This is my first time to go abroad so that it is a little difficult for me to adapt to the culture shock, especially the food culture. Pizza, burger,spaghetti and dissert are American-style foods that I like, but I can’t stop thinking of the food of my hometown, especially dumplings.

As a Chinese old saying goes, people should eat dumplings with fa1214087342milies before they left home. It is because that dumplings means the reunion of whole family in north of China. With the develpoment of society, many young adults decide to leave their hometown and then go to the modernized cities, such as Beijing , Shanghai, to find job opportunities in order to earn much money, or go abroad like me to complete the bachelor or master degree. Therefore, young Chinese may spend little time to accompany their parents or families. That is to say, the dumplings have a significant meaning for us in every Spring Festival or every time when we came back home.


After I arrived in New York for one month, I tried to make dumplings with my roomates because of my homesick. The process is interesting, despite we took 2 hours to prepare it. Actually, in my hometown, elders would prepare some presents in dumplings in New year festival, such as coins,sugars or peanuts.  When you touched coins in it means that you would be rich in the following year, the surgar means that your life will be sweet, whcih is a implied meaning for next generation.

How to make Chinese dumplings?

If you are interested in Chinese food or making dumplings, please have a try and you will enjoy it.


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