Fantasy Dreamcatcher

Hello, nice to c you gays again! This week I named my second blog as “fantasy dreamcatcher” to tell my story about fall in love with photography. Hope you like it!

Since young I am kind of an artistic person, in a sense that I had been achieving great results in drawing and art classes. I began to realize my potential in photography and composition when I started to get in touch with photo shooting during sold some idle clothes. I was thinking to make my selling images more attractive, special to others and I invited my lovely friends to show up those clothes in different posts, different make up and dress collocation, since that time my photography life just has began! My outgoing personality enables me to get to know many gorgeous ladies later and hence I started to organize some photo shooting sessions of girls. In the progress, I have learnt to use and understand the mechanics of a single lens camera as well as the importance of constant learning and improving in photography career.

I did different styles, some of them were taken in the studio and some were taken in the indoor or outdoor places, I also used lots of colors in my most of work, just love colors! Aside from photography, I am also interested in fashion designing and make-up art. Therefore, my art pieces are majorly focused on fashion design photography, with my own make-up technique and fashion sense of clothing on the models. My found style of photographing is to get in different colors, usually strong contrasting ones, mix with exaggerating facial expression of the models.

As there was not any course offered in my university related to photography, I could not get any knowledge or information in an academically way. In my three years of university life, I usually did my own research to improve myself in photoshooting technique and knowledge, through photography websites or fashion magazines. Often I would get in touch and work with professional models in photoshooting sessions, in order to further improve my technique and to gain some much needed experience.

Processed with Rookie

To me, photography is a communication tool. Great photographers are able to communicate and represent their thoughts, feeling and understanding of art through a simple piece of photo. There are huge differences regarding the art concept, creativity and perspective of art between USA and China. Therefore, I hope to understand thoroughly about these differences, on top of learning the fundamental knowledge and techniques of photography while I study in NYC, as well as to broaden my view of perspective regarding the art culture in the city.

wen-ni-17  Although I love photography, I don’t want make my favorite habit as a job for living.  After my graduate study, I hope to working together with some top fashion brands, indie designer, or to become a freelance fashion editor, producing amazing art pieces, columns with my own photography works, but also thoughts and ideas, anytime, anywhere based on media background. In the future blogs, I would like to show and explain a series of my favorite works.


Thanks for watching!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    I like your work! These pictures are very DOPE! Your passion is very strong and I like that. Continue to grind and you will achieve your goals. I’m actually trying to get some insight on lighting so when I do my videos indoors they will look crisp!

    1. Wennie says:

      Thx Jason, u know im a fan of your videos, expect on ur works after you get the new lights, XD

  2. onesdaily says:

    You are a photographer already, ur pictures are so colorful and fascinating! I love them!

    1. Wennie says:

      Thx😚, c u in the class, xoxo. XD

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