The flavor of centuries-Cafe

Bubble tea, fried noodle and steamed stuffed bun, yes, all of them totally exist in NYC. Today, I go the restaurant that ranks the top1, Nan Wah Tea Pazloz, in Chinatown with my friends. This restaurant had been here about 100 years……wow, and it was really difficult to find. it‘s not big,  it’s really cozy. We arrived here about 6 o’clock, there are many customers. Fortunately, we do not wait for a long time. The restaurant decoration really like such restaurant in Hong Kong, however, tasted are not similar to Hong Kong ’s Café. The owner restaurant told me that they  change the flavor to fit for the local people. Frankly, all of Dim Sums taste so good. So, I strongly recommend you to have a nice meal! The restaurant regularly  opens from 10:30am to 8:30pm. You’d better come early. Because there is always lots of customers.

The most interesting thing I realized is that eating is a kind of communication. Not only because you can taste the different region’s or countries’ food, you can feel the atmosphere in these restaurant, but also you can know about the culture behind the restaurant even these food. The waiter told that the Nan Wah Tea Pazloz was found from almost 100 years ago. In this restaurant, most of the cooks just do the same work day by day. I really admire a man almost can use all of the lifetime to stick to the same thing. Persistent and inheritance is formidable and great, and  these may be the best brand and business strategy.


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  1. rrsn says:

    It seems really good, it is important that there is still real chinese restaurant and not only tourist trap. I’d love to taste it and to have access to this amazing culture!
    You didn’t mention about the price, is it expensive?
    Thank you!!

    1. yes,cultures from different countries would inspire us. it’s not expensive, i guess you would like the flavor.

  2. kerrzbo says:

    Yum!! Even the iced coffee looks great 😛

  3. catherineqiu0408 says:

    I am also seeking for all the wonderful Chinese restaurant in NYC because I have a “Chinese stomach” too!!

  4. gwang12 says:

    Thank you for recommanding this Chinese restaurant in New York. I have been China town twice, but I never find this good place. Maybe I will taste it next time.

    1. yes, i think you will! i can tell you the position.

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