Encounter china “Tuan Yuan”

TuanYuan means reunion,family members reunion is really important to the all Chinese people.It was my first Mid-Autumn festival abroad. Today,surprised, i encounter the colorful Chinese ceramics exhibition on the Broadway after one week of this festival.


TuanTuan & YuanYuan is a pair of cute Panda,like the picture shows.Panda and  china are both the national treasures of China.Please note,china is not mean the country’s name,but the ceramics.The ceramics has a so long history,which can go back to the BC4500-BC2500.Our lives can not leave the ceramics in China.It is a daily consumer goods,like bowl and vase. It can be work of art as well.

Nowadays,the most famous porcelain are almost produced from Jing De Town.The porcelain has the different style in different dynasty. For example,the simple design had more praises in Song Dynasty.But people were more like complex pattern and bright color in Tang Dynasty. Like the famous Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty.Nowadays,most of porcelains have beautiful patterns,especially attractive colors,like the works of art in the exhibition i saw.

The artist’s name is HUNG YI from TaiWan.If you want to visiting the outdoor exhibition,you can go to 35th-40th Broadway.Take a picture with the works and have a rest to feel the integration of cultural.And if you want to know more about the exhibition or the artist,Fancy Animal Carnival click the link,you can see all of the works and detail information on the website.

Do you guys like to find something interesting ? May be you can find the surprise as well, welcome to share !








8 Comments Add yours

  1. Wennie says:

    They are so cute lol.

    1. onesdaily says:

      Yes! have a feeling of kind!

  2. rrsn says:

    It seems to be a really nice exhibition, I love the idea that these ceramics are exposed in the street, so anyone can saw it! I also guess that it must be pleasant for you to saw an important and symbolic aspect of your culture in New-York!

    1. onesdaily says:

      Yes, it is! let people feel a kind of mixture of culture.May be it is the charm of NYC.

  3. moni0626 says:

    Thank you for sharing a little part of your culture. For me is always very interesting to learn from other cultures and lifestyles. I can imagine how enriching must have been for you to see a little part of your culture on the streets of NYC! I know how important it is to find a little piece of home when you are leaving in a foreign city or country.

    1. onesdaily says:

      LOL! yeah,i‘d like to share more with u,and i am interesting in the different culture

    1. Yaru says:

      Yes, they are very colorful, not like the classic porcelain.

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