Lunch on a budget

Does everyone spend as much money as me on lunch? When you work in the city and are surrounded by a Starbucks on every corner, a hole in the wall deli, 2 pizza places and many expensive restaurants it becomes difficult to eat healthy every day and stay on budget. I spend about $10 – $15 dollars every day, add that up and at the end of the week I spent almost $60 bucks and the end of the month I spent almost $240 … on lunch! I then took action by going to the supermarket on Sunday nights to prep my lunch for the week. That failed very quickly after I would forget it in the fridge as I ran out the door to make my train or I ate it and would still be hungry. I discovered a new enjoyment for the eatery, ‘Juice Press’. It’s only 3 blocks away from my office, organic only and freshly made each day. There is just one problem, its costs $8 for a coffee and $8.50 for a large soup. Now I am spending $17 dollars on lunch! I fell in love with their butternut squash soup and the “Harvey Wallbanger w/ the works” coffee. It is a coffee smoothie that has coffee beans, bananas, almond milk, cacao and vanilla. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it!  I have decided to give up on my quest to stay on a budget for food, and will just have to say no to those really awesome pair of shoes next time I find myself on a shopping


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