Exploring Switzerland – Zurich & Lucerne


Happy Thursday everyone! I hope all of you are having a great week so far. Today, I’m really excited to share with all of you my first trip to Switzerland. As many of you might have seen through my Instagram and Snapchat (@vivebrunette), this summer I counted with the fortune to visit this lovely country.It was actually my first time in Europe, so I was extra excited as you can imagine!I should start by saying that Switzerland is breath-taking! The scenery is just amazing! if you are thinking about visiting and would like to learn something about Switzerland, I invite you to keep reading this post.

Switzerland beauty in the heart of Europe

Marti Zuidam


I have always heard about the beauty of Switzerland in summer, and no wonder why! When I flied over Switzerland, the first thing that I noticed was that blue sky, the mountains (the Alps), the water, and the green. When I landed, I was more than ready to get off the plane and start my exploring. I spent most my trip in Zurich and luckily the weather was very good most of the time; it was very sunny, warm, not humid at all (which coming from NYC was something amazing) and just one day of rain (my last day)…This made my vacations even better!


For those who don’t know, In Switzerland people speak three languages: Swiss German, French, and Italian. Zurich is one of the Swiss German speaking areas, so for me was not very easy to understand almost anything. Happily, I stayed with a very good friend who guided me and explained me the basics to commute and survive as a non Swiss German speaker. Also, by Switzerland being a multilingual country, nowadays, most of the people speak more than one language (including English). Therefore, it was very easy to be understood in English in most of the stores, restaurants, and train stations.


On my first day in Zurich, my friend and I did some exploring around the city. First we went to downtown; it took us approximately 15 minutes to get to Zurich downtown by train. Coming from the craziness of NYC, for me was very relaxing to sit on the train and admire the scenery through the window. Once we were in the downtown of Zurich, we did some sightseeing walking around the trams, passing the Zurich Old Town, and of course the amazing lake of Zurich.


On the following day, we went to UetlibergThe Top of Zurich

 Uetliberg is a mountain (or a baby mountain compared to the real alps) that offers a panoramic view of Zurich. During the summer, it offers different well marked hiking trails and biking routes. To get to the top of the mountain we took a train from the center of the city to the top of the mountain. Once we got there, we went for a very fun hike! It was an a very gratifying experience to have been immerse in so much natural wonders; I consider myself a nature lover so the feeling of being in the middle of Uetliberg with such a pure air was remarkable! I still remember the fresh smell of firewood.

colOn my third day in Switzerland, we took a ride for one and a half hours and off we went to the beautiful town of Lucerne!

Lucerne is an ancient town with astonishing modern touch. Its landscape is adorned by one of the oldest bridges in Europe “The Capel Bridge” (Kapellbrücke). Even though that day we didn’t count with the bright sunshine as the other days, the weather was still good to have a wonderful time in this lovely town. First, we started by having a drink in a restaurant by the water called “La Bonne Cave“. Then, we walked across the bridge admiring its surroundings. Finally, we enjoyed the rest of the day walking around the streets and promenade of Lucerne.


If you are ever looking for all the famous watch stores in Switzerland and at the same time want to enjoy of a lovely view…Lucerne is the right place to go!


After a very nice day in Lucerne, we headed back to Zurich where I spent the rest of my vacations.  Even though Zurich is not a very big city  (compared to other cities in the world), it has a very multicultural feel and it offers a big variety of leisure activities to do. Therefore, I was more than happy to keep exploring this very fun city.

If you are wondering what did I do during the rest of my days in Zurich, here I’m going to share with you some of the activities I enjoyed from:

  • Went for short a boat ride around the lake from the Bürkliplatz dock.
  • Rode a city bike (you can get a bike for free from any of the Züri rollt).
  • Went for a walk around the Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world.
  • Visited the St. Peter’s Church ( One of the most famous churches in the city).
  • Went to the Zurich Zoo (one of the most beautiful zoos I have ever been)
  • Enjoyed some of the most tipical food at the “Zeughauskeller” restaurant.
  • Went for a Swim on the Zurich lake (Zurich has many outdoor pools).
  • Enjoyed of the incredible sunsets by the water.
  • Floated down the Limmat river on a rubber boat. (it was one of my favorite things to do).




Zurich is not just a city, is a total experience that you would never forget.

I hope all of you enjoyed this little tour through my “exploring time in Switzerland – Zurich & Lucerne”. As I said it was a wonderful trip that I would never forget. I would totally go back without doubt! but next time I would go on winter to explore others amusement like ski on the Alps!  (It is one of the “to do” things on my bucket list).

Does any of you have been in other cities in Switzerland? Do you have any recommendations? I would love to know!

Thank you for stopping by on my blog and have a great rest of the week!

PS: This post is dedicated to all my Swiss fellows, specially to the ones that were part of this trip and made it so enjoyable for me…Switzerland, what a wonderful place! Oh and almost forgot…best chocolate ever!!

Chao Chao

Monica V. (Vive Brunette)


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  1. Wennie says:

    Nice and cool contents, seems like u took professional photographs when you were travelling. I really wanna go Switzerland, it has distinctive culture which is very interesting and attractive, nice to see you chose a wonderful place for your summer holiday. I’m sure I will visit there sometime. XD

  2. moni0626 says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. You should definitely go! It was amazing and I really want to go back very badly 🙂

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