Amazing building

New York city is a full of enthusiasm and passion city. If I ask you why do you like NYC? The reasons that you like , maybe, are the Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Time Square, food……., You know, there are so many reasons that make you surprise and love the NYC. But this city shocking me at first is the various shapes of skyscrapers. I mean is that New York is the one of the city that make up the America. You can see the huge many of new buildings and archaic buildings in this city. It is very interesting. Let we enjoy and share some of picture by my camera, as follow.  By the way, I don’t know the name of the building, but it is really clean-cut and nice curve. What the important point is harmony of the new upper part and the old half bottom.

The night’s of NYC is also amazing. There are countless shining and bright billboard on buildings. They make the night like daytime. The pictures as follow were shot at Time Square, NYC. Everyday, a huge number of visitors flock in the squire to feel its charm.

This is NYC, let us find the charm of the city together.



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  1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

    This building is very cool! I always enjoy looking at most of the buildings in the city, there’s one in particular I had to take a picture of. I don’t know the name or the street but it is awesome!

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