Wennie’s Here, Nice to C You!

Hi everyone, nice to met u guys in the same class this semester. I’d like to start my first blog with a short self indrduction.

My name is Ni Wen, I’m glad if you call me Wennie or Ni. I come from Beijing and was born on l992. This is the first semester of my graduate study, I have been studied alone in Australia for 7 years before I came to NYC, I spent most of my best youth in there and I love there as my second hometown. I graduated from the University of Adelaide, and my major is Media as well. I think I’m a independent, creative and positive girl and I love passional, positive and kindly people to be my friends.

Firstly, the reason I want to study my master degree in United States, because New York city is the world fashion capital. I’m interested in entering the field of fashion public relations, creative services, high-fashion photography or the fashion magazine industry. Besides as a student I did lots of high fashion photography works. Secondly, I am an active and motivated person, I want to learn different culture and try different life style to fulfill myself especially as a media student, increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons is necessary and very important for my future career. I believe the experience of study in Australian and American would make me knowledgeable and experienced when I back to Chinese media workplace to start my career life.

As mentioned above, I love photography, travel, music(Pop, EDM, HipPop, Indie, Jazz, Funk, Post Pock etc), colors, Alpaca, Flamingo and Piggies lol(I had a piggy pet , there is a photo of him below)or any interesting thing. I’ll show you guys my works more and experiences furture. For my goals, I will take a step further in my practical training, I would also practice my photography skill by taking photos in NYC and participate in social activities to enrich my life. My future goal is to engage myself in fashion media related work place and find a satisfied job in China, for example, a fashion editor or working in a Chinese fashion magazine company. But my final profession goal is to become an outstanding professional people with my different learning experiences, own thoughts and ideas, anytime, anywhere. 

I feel greatful finally I’m writing this blog in my dream city NYC. Actually I haven’t write too much about my life and experiences on the internet before, it’s good to have a place that I could recall my best memories, works and share with you guys. No matter what I write for this 663 blogging, hope I could make it interesting and let u enjoy my blog, wish this introduction could make you know me better XD. 

Thanks for reading ,

 nice to c u again!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mrorchardbeach says:

    Ni! Whats good! I like your introduction, and your pics are “POPPIN!” I also like that your into fashion as well! Even though our styles are totally different I am always looking to learn things in the fashion industry especially when it comes to denim. Thanks for sharing and keep grinding….OOooww!!!

  2. Wennie says:

    Thx Jason, hahhahahah nice u c ur comment, I’m a fan of hippop thing u know, I got lots of caps, shirts, include the NY one in different color, and I love hippop music ,so we almost have the same fashion taste to get each other😈😈😈😚

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