Marbella – Puerto Banús

People usually know about Marbella, which is a city in Spain in Nueva Andalusia but a very few American people know Puerto Banús. Puerto Banús is a luxurious port with some similarities to Saint Tropez. A lot of British people know that marina and travel there every Summer because it is the perfect time to take the sun, eat the Spanish food such as la Paella, but also because it is one of the most charming marina.

Close by, you have two beautiful beaches. The first beach is Plaza Beach with individual beds and you have big beds with champagne. The second beach  is Ocean Club where you have a fish restaurant, a swimming pool and all sorts of beds. Usually, young people from Europe love to be there and show off because that’s how rich guys do.

The nightlife in Puerto Banús is a bit different: while couples and families go to the marina and go to restaurants on the first line in front of port where all types of yachts are, the young people from 18 to 35 years old go to bars and drink until they are all drunk (especially the British people). If some people are still alive after those shots of tequilas and Vodka Coca-Cola, they go out of Puerto Banús and go to night clubs. One of the most selective night club is named by its boss: Olivia Valère.

If you want to spend some memorable holidays during Summer time, you know where to go!


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  1. rrsn says:

    It seams to be a really privileged and beautiful place, hopefully not already invaded by tourists. But it might become more touristic with years, as Saint Tropez or Cannes. Spain has stunning landscapes and cities. I would love to discover this one!

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