From Paris to New-York City

Moving abroad is always a radical change of life. It requires a rapid adjustment to a new way of life, a new language, a new culture. The stage of cultural shock is mostly inevitable.
From my experience, I experienced it in five main points.
New-York architecture was the first thing that surprised me, even if I knew how it looks like. Buildings everywhere. During my first week here, I used to walk  with my head looking at the sky, with this new feeling of feeling so small. When in Paris, a six floors building is a really high one. The architecture is impressive and makes the city powerful.
Secondly, I quickly realized that I will have to deal with noise. The sirens, the klaxons, the alarms… All of these noises that art part of the city, at every hours of the day, or the night. But as for everything, we get use to it, and I now have the feeling that I am not hearing it anymore.
Thirdly, and probably inevitably for a French people, food became the main hardest adjustment to make, and it still is. From foie gras to burgers, it can be really complicated… But New-York offers such culinary diversity that makes up easily.
Finally, I discovered the American mentality, always friendly and positive. People are polite and smiling, they never complained. Which is the favorite Parisiens pastime. This atmosphere is really pleasant and enjoyable.

Globally, I think I left the most beautiful city in the world, for the most incredible city in the world.


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  1. catherineqiu0408 says:

    I am also experiencing the culture shock in NYC now, and I believe it will be a kind of wealth in our future life!!

    1. dlibrizzo says:

      I have been to Paris once in my life, a few years ago. It is a beautiful place to visit and a city I will always remember. There is nothing like NYC though, I can’t imagine living anywhere else than New York. You will get used to it very soon!

  2. kerrzbo says:

    The closing sentence of your post was super inspirational haha 🙂 I agree though, I’m from Long Island and commuting to our class is the first time I’ve ever really gone into the city soberly (woops!) Walking back to Penn station from our class and walking through Times Square is so amazing. So visually stimulating.

  3. sn6325 says:

    Yes I know that it’s a big change but as long as you enjoy the Big Apple, everything is possible. You are going to love that city!!

  4. onesdaily says:

    I can not agree with you more! Btw, the night view of Manhattan is soooo beautiful!

  5. moni0626 says:

    Moving to another city and even more to another country is a big experience. It help us to appreciate new things but it also teaches us to treasure even more what we left behind. Thank you for sharing with us you lovely experience in New York. I’m sure that many of us feel identified with it!

  6. xmei01 says:

    I have just arrived in New York for more than a month. The cultural impact here is huge, but I believe we will soon be integrated into the city.

  7. rrsn says:

    You are mostly leaving this cultural experience too, it is great to share this with all of you! thank you guys for your nice comments!

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