What Is Mr. Orchard Beach?

Youtube…well in this case “Blog Readers” what is good? It’s your boy Wavy and this is my blog for Mr. Orchard Beach. If you was watching my youtube channel I would tell you to like, comment and subscribe but since this is a blog, I’m grateful if I only get 1 person to read this….LOL! I will leave a link to one of my videos below or you can find a link in my profile but anyway before I bore ya’ll to death, allow me to give you some insight to my channel. Orchard Beach is a beach in the Bronx that I’m pretty sure not many of you guys have been to and I don’t suggest you go because I don’t even get on the sand! Since me and friends frequent the beach a lot my boy Spooky called me “Mr. Orchard Beach” one day and I ran with it. It sounds ridiculous but when I tell people my youtube channel name that are from the Bronx they think it’s hilarious and I know that will stick! My nickname however is Wavy and I guess it all matches up because what do you have at a beach? Give up??? WAVES!true-give

My name was given to me because I used to use the word ‘Wavy’ to describe anything cool and it was a way for me to keep alive the slang of my favorite rapper Max B who was sentenced to 75 years in prison back in 2008 but as of last Friday he finally got his appeal so he will be out in two years! I pay homage to Max through my name and my intro which has the the audio from the coolest scene ever at the end of the movie ‘Point Break’ followed up with Max B’s voice. I am a big sneaker enthusiast so that was the whole point of me starting a youtube channel. I figured I could bring my own “Wave” or “Niche” with my comical edits along with a cool and outgoing personality. I decided to not only show and review new sneakers but I would also go out and vlog some of my day to day experiences. I feel my channel shows the real life of NYC and not just Manhattan and the statue of liberty. I show you the different boro’s and at times neighborhoods that you wouldn’t go into. I love to have fun and so do my friends, one thing I saw that a lot of you-tubers don’t do is show any of their friends. I love when my subscribers follows my friends on social media because I feel like we are all becoming “homies” in a sense.I love to have fun and so do my homies, and when you get a crew of four or more Puerto Ricans together you better believe theres some drinking going down!

I strive to be different, if your into fashion, I will show you some fly shit! If you want to see girls I have a few videos that I will make un private (maybe) because #1 why do we wear fashionable attire? To attract the opposite sex! Thats another thing I see missing from these Youtubers. From fashion to real life day to day and loads of comedy…It’s your boy Wavy and this is my channel Mr. Orchard Beach and like I always like to say, “I’ll see you when I see you….OOooww!!!”




5 Comments Add yours

  1. immsmt says:

    Ohhhhh, Nice job Jason, love this painting!! I saw your channel, you‘ve got one person to read and watch already, hahahhah

    1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

      Thanks Wennie, see ya next week!

  2. so cooooooool!!you ‘ve got two person😄 I eally love foamposite and your channel👍👍

    1. Mr. Orchard Beach says:

      Greetings 2nd person, thank you for watching the vid, I have SOOO much love for Foamposites!

  3. so cooooooool!!you ‘ve got two person😄 I really love foamposite and your channel👍👍

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