Why iPad Magazine is the Biggest Joke in Publishing Industry

When you open a good magazine, you will know you need the magazine.

Photo Source: Greyloch

Whether the beautiful picture of The California Sunday Magazine or the newest National Geographic‘s picture of Yellowstone National Park, my was running into the pictures.

Photo Source: ACapella

The experience of print magazines cannot replace. You must think I’m insane, but I’m not. Maybe there are several gorgeous digital magazine, but that does not stop me from saying: iPad version digital magazine is dead.
My point is:

  1. In fact, iPad version magazine is the most marginalized position of new media plan;
  2. Who said Magazine is too heavy, won’t download or pay iPad magazine;
  3. Maybe the news platform saves the traditional, but did not save the way to production;
  4. Social media allow graphic communications without copyright protection, in iPad all just need to screen shot and it will let graphic design at the same time and lose the protection;
  5. Designers time-consuming;
  6. Advertisers have long been withdrawn iPad;
  7. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter scattered contents of the iPad;
  8. We are talking about the print magazines much more than talk about the iPad, which has long been not cool.

When we discuss the digital magazine, but I think a lot of people be blinded by the idea at first. Maybe they just think “Oh, it’s just making an Apple vision magazine.” But later they will find you need to add video, re-design the page, think about the server, and so on, at that time. Is it still a magazine? ”

Photo Source: Needs/want.com

After two or three years we have witnessed the fact that most of the “new media” project are facing rapid decline. They will always be replaced by something new.

We need to get into the media network. But what kind of articles cannot be favored network? Network article born in the network, they are more direct, with little review, logic and full of network vocabulary, and therefore they have more advantage than the traditional magazine on spreading

I simply do not care about the life and death of the magazine but consider the magazine as a product worth reading. Magazines and online are the actually different ecological environment if the magazine had done wisdom, respect it, practical to do; have the ability to do online, believe it, just do, there will be rewards.


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