What a day!

On May 4, I woke up early to go to college for volunteering the event. I got there one hour early because i didn’t receive an email about the schedule. Later, I and other hurried to set up the studio. Suddenly, my classmate was bleeding on his head. Yes , it’s bleeding all a half of his face. He did bump his head at the corner of TV monitor. Accident can happen, but i didn’t think that’s a lot of bleed. We stop the bleeding by putting the pressure on the wound and called 911. It took about 15-20 minutes the ambulance came and took him to the emergency room. I deiced to be with him on that day until he done.


As i expected , the emergency room in the US always took more time than I thought. This’s my 3rd time to go to emergency room in the US. All i went with friends to keep them claim. The first time, we had to wait for 6 hours to get medication and the second time was 6 hours for X-rays. So, i told him this would take a few hours at least even we came with the ambulance. So it took 3 hours for that day. Mostly  we were just waiting and waiting. I think that he still awake and they may have more urgent patients than him. When the doctor came, it took a few minutes to staple his wound. So we didn’t do the volunteering as we planed and still need to finished up the shooting project in the afternoon. Then, I and him were back to collage to pick up equipment then headed to the filming location. I think the rest of my day will be regular but at late night before midnight.

My neighbor’s house is on fire. I heard a lot of siren from policeman, fireman and ambulance. I woke up and looked at  the window. I saw a lot of smoke. OMG! I was worried a lot because it’s next to us and close to my room. I don’t know that i stupid enough to walk there and see it closer by the backyard but i did it. I took a couple shots and clip. Then Im back to my room. Finally, the fireman can controlled the fire. The whole house was damaged but everyone is ok.  Thanks for my buddha that take care of me, safe me from the danger. I hope the bad lucks won’t happen to me and wish it will go away.


Things that I have learned ; I should have an ID and the insurance card in my wallet at all the time. Be aware the surrounding! Lastly, I start to thinking to put some important documents and value stuff in the deposit box at the bank.






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