Belated Justice, It’s Not Just Football

People look at floral tributes in memory of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster at St Georges Hall in Liverpool, northern England.
Photo Source: REUTERS/Phil Noble

April 27, all the British media headlines, without exception, are the Hillsborough stadium tragedy verdict.

On April 15, 1989, which is the darkest day of UK’s football history. Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield today held a football match fans tragic stampede occurred.

In 27 years, the tragedy is a thorn plugged into the heart of the British, many people find it difficult to let it go.

Photo Source: Ben Sutherland

Not only because of the 96 people’s death, but because it was originally a man-made accident, but was hastily attributed to the accident; also, because the original death 41 could be avoided; also because of the innocent dead Liverpool fans was attacked by the police and media, but the real person responsible has been large.

Tears and blood had let the country grieved, and more lies and deception is to make people angry.

In 27 years, people are seeking truth and justice.

On Tuesday, April 27, after two years and listening more than 1,000 witness statements, the jury finally made a decision by 7: 2.  The cause of 96 people’s is “wrongful death” (unlawfully killed) and then those responsible, will also face criminal charges, be punished.

27 years, throughout the UK finally get this belated justice.

Justice may be late, but never absent.

Liverpool, you will never walk alone.


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