Story Time: I Met The Nicest New Yorkers!

New York, New York! They say New Yorkers are rude, too busy, not friendly and don’t give a crap about what you think! It is a rat race in this city and we are constantly competing for everything! We compete for time, space, transport, food, and even fun. 24 hours ever seem more like 18 hours to you?

Anyway on to my story: So the other day, I was having a difficult morning. I just woke up on the wrong side of my Sleepy’s mattress. I then decided to go to the gym to lift my spirits. While there, I was doing my usual boring walk on the treadmill when a friend called out to me. I was surprised that someone knew me in this gym. When I looked, I saw that it was my friend Kendra whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. We hugged and chatted a little and she told me she was now a personal trainer at my gym. Long story short, she trained me for free for an hour! How lucky was I right? It was so much fun, and I remember thinking: “my day just got so much better!”

After leaving the gym, I decided to grab a taxi to the grocery store. It was just 15 blocks away from the gym but it was raining lightly so I quickly hopped into a taxi. However I realized that I only had two $100 bills and no credit cards. I asked the driver if he had change for $100 and he said “no, but don’t worry lets just go”. I figured he was going to find a solution when we got to the store. A few minutes later when we got to the store, my fare was $11:80, and I couldn’t believe when the driver said to me “ this one is on me, you just go on and have a great day”. I was amazed! I insisted for him to wait while I rush into the store for change, but he told me that it was all good, and he was happy to help. I thanked him immensely and hopped out thinking “what a kind man…. My day just got even much better!”

In the grocery shop, I was still feeling high from all the joy inside, that I didn’t notice when I dropped one of those $100 bills. A worker immediately followed me and returned my $100. I thought, “It must be a full moon or something”. Anyway, after shopping, I ended up with 3 shopping bags. My apartment was just 10 blocks away and it had stopped raining so I decided to walk home. As I was walking and struggling with my 3 bags, I heard someone call “young lady, do you need a hand?”. I turned around and saw this lady. She must have been in her early 60’s or so. She walked up on me and insisted to help me to my apartment. I thanked her but told her not to bother. She insisted. And so we walked together and chatted. She was actually very interesting to talk to that when I reached my destination, I didn’t want to say goodbye. She wished me luck in all my endeavors, we hugged, and she walked away. I watched her walk away until she disappeared, and I thought to myself, “what a real life angel!”


So my dear friends, the message in this story is: there are some nice people in New York, and some days the sun does shine on a dog’s ass.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. mslolaaaa says:

    This was a great read! You were definitely having a very lucky day!!!

  2. ChristineA says:

    Thanks @mslolaaaa I was! must have been a full moon or something.!

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