My life in my home town and New York City

When people move from one place to another place, they are always finding something in common. Some of them have a short time to develop themselves to new environment. On the other hand, others may take long time adjusting to new places. When I moved from Khon Kaen to New York, it took a lot of time adjusting to live in the new city. However, When comparing Khon Kaen province in Thailand to New York, they are different in terms of food , language, and weather.

To begin with, Khon Kaen and New York are different in terms of food. Since I moved from a small city to the big city like New York, it’s very difficult for me to buy the natural food in the good price. For example, there are many fresh markets around the city  of Khon Kaen. The vegetables, meats or other agriculture product from the local farms in fresh market. So they always get the fresh foods. Moreover, the price is very cheap by comparing with the price of food in New York. People in Khon Kaen can buy one meal with rice and chicken in just $1. They spend about $15 and get fresh food in a full bucket. In addition, they have the open markets that selling varieties of food  for 24 hours a day. There are a lot of vendors, street food or restaurants available all day and all night. In contrast, many manufactures in the United States produce a lot of meats or food for the mass market. They may use artificial and technology to grown the animals which is caused the side effect to human later. There is only a few organic stores in New York. They rarely have the fresh markets and the pricing is very expensive.  Also, there is a limit of time and place to find a good food at late night. Some people afraid to go out at night because of the safety. 

What is more, the two cities differ with regard to language. As an example, people in Khon Kaen use only Thai language. They may have different accents but they can understand to each other. The majority of people in the country are Thai, which people use Thai as normal language. To illustrate my point, Thailand is an independent country.  They don’t use other languages because we never been to a colony of another country. They have own language which has 44 consonants and 31 vowels. In contrast, people use many languages to communicate in New York. For example, they use English in school but they use theirs own languages at home like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese. The children learn at least two languages when they goes to high school. There are 21 consonants and 5 vowels in English. Furthermore,  this city is a melting pot because people are coming from around the world, they speak in different languages.

Last but not least, weather makes them different. A striking example of this is three weather seasons in Khon Kaen. There are summer, rainy and winter seasons. They never ever have snow in the city.  Another striking example of this is no cost to buy clothes for each seasons because everyday is a summer for them. In contrast, there are 4 seasons in New York. Also, people have to spend more time to get dressed before leaving the house. When they have snowstorm, they have to put on extra outfits. Then they takes more time to get dressed than usual. In addition,  they have to spend money for each seasons because they can not stay without the coat in the winter.

In brief, food , language , and weather are major differences between Khon Kaen and New York. I hope in the future I can develop myself and get used to the new environment in New York. However, when comparing the food, language ,and weather, I found many benefits and gain more experiences to living in New York.


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  1. naifalbarzan says:

    NYC is great city for foreigns!! good luck!!


      yes! Thanks you . the adventure just begins….

  2. hernandezmonica says:

    I agree with you, it’s so hard to find a fresh market in the city, especially in the winter. However, there are a lot of farmer markets in the summer so that’s exciting!


      Cools! I can’t wait for (real) summer 🙂

  3. mslolaaaa says:

    I know transitioning to a new city, yet alone a whole other country can be difficult. But I think it is safe to say you came to a great city. NYC is so diverse and full of a wide range of various cultures. I am sure in the future you will be better settled in NYC. Good luck !!


      Thanks and I hope so 🙂

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