Selena Gomez would kill for your Instagram numbers

My roommate’s girlfriend Tonya (1,500 followers / 420 posts) posted this picture on Instagram, and it got 163 likes, breathtaking.

12965655_246592149062573_1913138257_nSo, my roommates and I, wondering why the poorly taken photo was so well-received challenged my roommate, Frank (165 followers / 30 posts) to post the same picture on his Instagram. After two weeks Frank collected a measly 14 likes.

Both Frank and Tonya cashed in on likes from roughly 15 percent of their followers. More followers equal more likes, sure, but does more followers equal a greater percentage of your audience liking your content? More times than not it actually means the opposite.

Likes-to-followers per photo of popular Instagram users-

Selena Gomez: 5%

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior: 2.3%

Starbucks: 3%

Nevertheless, these stats are not surprising, as we must address obvious discrepancies behind the numbers.

First, these celebrity and household name Instagram accounts have thousands of disengaged, phony, or inactive followers. Second these numbers only take “likes” into consideration, as I am admittedly leaving out comments and the strong possibility that the content posted here on Instagram is duplicated on the celebrity’s array of social media hubs, and even on some parody accounts as well. Finally, a high likes-to-followers ratio does not mean engagement is horrible by any stretch, but I would assume businesses using social media would not be thrilled about this one statistic.

This is excellent news for small businesses and artists. You probably have a deeper level of engagement with your followers than most celebrities and athletes. So, keep hitting your 15% “like-to-followers” ratio like my roommate Frank and spread the word that your Instagram numbers are better than the one-and-only Selena Gomez.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. mslolaaaa says:

    I agree, most celebrities and instagram famous people have a huge number of fake instagram accounts as followers which of course would lead to more likes on pictures. I’d rather 15 real likes than 100 fake likes lol

  2. ChristineA says:

    wow, I never thought of this. I guess I feel better now. Thanks!

  3. Samantha says:

    I actually thought about this a few weeks ago. I was impressed that Kim Kardashian received 1 million likes on a photo but then I thought about how she has over 65 million followers and I was like “that’s actually not that impressive.”

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