8 Things that should be illegal

Here is a list of things people should probably go to jail for or at least pay a fine for committing such terrible acts. Sometimes you just want to yell at people and tell them they have a room temperature IQ. Another way to say “buddy you’re being stupid right now”.

1.) Driving 20 miles per hour in the passing lane. That should automatically be 10-15 years behind bars.You all have your very own lane on the right side. Stay in that lane and allow the faster moving vehicles to pass you on the left.

2.) Sagging your pants. Who said this was sexy? You should get 20 years in the slammer! Belts were invented for a reason so if you don’t have one you should invest in one immediately.

3.) Leaving meat on chicken wings.  You should pay a fine of $1,200 for every wing that has meat left on it. There are children dying of starvation overseas. Please think about them the next time you decide to waste food.

4.) Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk when there is people walking behind you. You should get 1-3 years in prison. If you feel the need to stop please take a few more steps and walk over to the side to keep the sidewalk clear for the other pedestrians who are traveling behind you.

5.) Wearing summer outfits in 45 degree weather.  You should pay a $3500 fine for this.Although the weather man said it would be sunny out this doesn’t mean its summer time just yet.

6.) Blowing the horn at the driver in front of you before the light turns green. This only happens in NYC. Give them a chance to press the gas. The light has only been green for .000001 seconds and you’re blowing the horn like a mad man. You should get 40-50 years for doing this.

7.) Chewing with your mouth open. Chewing with your mouth open in absolutely disturbing and you should get life in prison for such a crime.

8.) Owning a flip phone. If you have a flip phone turn yourself in immediately. Flip phones have extinct and should never be used again.

If you can avoid from participating in these types of behaviors the world will be a better place.


Photo Source: Victor Casale


5 Comments Add yours

  1. mslolaaaa says:

    Lmao! These are hilarious. I definitely agree with all of these 8 things that should be illegal.

    1. 4theloveofshooz says:

      There’s plenty more I can keep adding to the list hahaha


    Totally agree with you LOL

  3. ChristineA says:

    bwahahaha!! I died with that chicken wings… I am not a culprit to that offense thank God! Number 4 is so true! especially i NYC. this was fun to read.

    1. 4theloveofshooz says:

      Yes, I hate when people leave tons of meat on the bone hahaha 🙂

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