Smile, No Matter What’s Going On

Smile is the most important and useful weapon for each person who will use it. But today, few are aware of the benefits of the smile and why you need to smile. Many people continue to walk with a sullen, serious or angry face.

The smile is stronger than all human emotions, it has a positive impact on you and others, but unconscious people do not pay attention to it, while continuing to live the usual and boring life. Psychologists have studied this issue, and today I will provide you with information about the smile and techniques on how to learn to smile more often, because the use has long been proved.

We need to smile, but most people do not look after their emotions and cannot count how many times they smile a day. In order to smile more often, you need to start counting the number of daily smiles, the majority, smiles 20-50 times a day. You also need to reach the mark of 300 and more. Yes, it is 300 times a day, you need to smile, to extract all the benefits of a smile. If you smile more often, it is even better. Do not listen to those who live with stereotypes, believing that smile and laugh are bad.

Anyone who complains about the poor and the miserable life, is just constantly thinking negatively. If such a person, begins to smile, changing negative emotions to positive feelings about hundred times a day, every day, his life would change incredibly. Some call it a miracle or fantasy, but this phenomenon has been proven repeatedly. Try it and you will be able to change your life and become happier. Smile, no matter what’s going on.


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  1. abaalkhaila says:

    Very interesting topic . The smile is very important but we have to make sure in which time we can smile or not .

    1. naifalbarzan says:

      Believe me!! it’s okay to smile anytime and everywhere

  2. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    I don’t know why, but I starts smiling know lol. You right we should give a smiles as much as possible. It’s such a blessing

    1. naifalbarzan says:

      that’s the goal!! I want everyone smiling while reading the article

      1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

        Don’t worry I think they did. Your blog was effective at least for me

  3. trini1986 says:

    reading this post made me smile, but I do believe smiling does brighten up your day

    1. naifalbarzan says:

      even though, reading your comment make me smile too!!

  4. mbindere says:

    very interesting, I am a smiley person and I feel people think I am stupid :D, but I do not care because I relly believe that smiling give people a good impression of me.

    1. naifalbarzan says:

      that means your a really PR person!! just keep smiling

    2. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Hhhhh Mohammed I thought the same too!! Good to know now that you’re not 😁

      Thanks Nife for sharing this!

  5. trini1986 says:


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