Gas Station

The gas station is the most important place . When I was in California the one gallon on summer almost 5$ per gallon but  in winter the price is decreasing. When I moved to new Jersey  I was very surprised about the price and different rule about how you can filling your car . About the price it is almost 2$  per gallon  for the regular . The different rule I saw you can not  filling  your car there is one man how can just fill your car . You have just  to stay in your car and he will do everything ? why is not same other states?  On the hand , I am very happy with the gas price here in New Jersey.







2 Comments Add yours

  1. naifalbarzan says:

    I thought in California everything is cheaper than the Northeastren region!!

    1. abaalkhaila says:

      No it more expensive

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