Public Transportation

I came to The United States of America on Dec 2013 and from that time until I moved to New Jersey  State to study at  NYIT in New York .I never used any public transportation. When I was on Irvine, CA. When I moved to New Jersey I decided to use it . It will make my life more easy to move , because if I need to use my car it will cost me a lot of money especially if I need to cross George Washington Bridge . It  will cost 15$ per entry . Also, I have to spend some time to find parking . It will cost a lot especially  in Manhattan . That why I started to use public transportation from New Jersey to New York and it cost just 264$ for one month . I was very surprised when I asked for a discount for the student they said there is no discount for the public transportation . One of my friend who live in Halifax, Canada . He told me he can use any public transportation free because he is a student. My question is why I cannot get a discount or use it free as a student. Bus, Subway,Train and  Ferry are very helpful here in New Jersey and New York.







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  1. chrishyao says:

    The public transportation in New York is really expensive!
    When I was in international office I saw a poster it said NYIT students could get a discount.
    I think you could go there to check it.

  2. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    That’s a good point, students really need to have a discount because their situation since some of them are not working. If you found something about that please mention me bro.

    1. abaalkhaila says:

      Sure if I find something I will let you know.

      1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:


  3. trini1986 says:

    After driving for the past 3years in the army, coming back to the city was a wonderful change for me, I enjoy taking the train and bus, its good exercise and the stuff you see and hear is quite entertaining on a daily basis lol

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