Residing in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, its where I’ve always wanted to live besides where I was born and raised in Trinidad. Its the one place that reminds me of Trinidad, with its vast array of Caribbean connections. Every and any island you could think about has individuals that live and work in Brooklyn, its easily accessible by train, bus, cab and always has cool stuff to do. The area I live in now is super quiet, kid friendly and parking is never as issue. Food is available 24-7, I don’t have far to go either for gas, the grocery store, or laundry mat, although I would prefer if I had my own washer/dryer which I do have space for but just haven’t bought it yet. Brooklyn is where all my friends live, its where we can connect and feel right at home with all the hustle and bustle like it was an island, minus the water and cool sea breeze.It was my first choice to come live right after I got out the Army. Theres no place like it, its one of a kind, especially in the summer time, those that live in Brooklyn or the surrounding areas can attest to this. Many people will say they can’t live her because its too busy, apartments are too small, mines is quite big actually, and renting is high, although with me I have had zero problems since Ive been here, but I guess I’ve been lucky and blessed to have settled in and had an amazing time since then.


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