Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss Review

Last week I promised you I would review the Kylie Jenner lip gloss so here goes:

I impulsively decided to buy Kylie’s lip gloss when she randomly released it a few weeks ago, mostly because I was such a fan of the matte colors that I needed to try the gloss, and partially because it was only $15 which sounded like a steal to me.

I bought the color ‘like’ because it was the darkest of three shades she released. It was described as being similar to Dolce K (one of my favorite of her matte shades) and looked really pigmented from pictures I had seen which is what I wanted because clear lip gloss could be bought at any drug store so if I was going to pay $15 + tax and shipping and handling, I wanted to make sure you could tell I was wearing good lip gloss. The other colors she released were called ‘Literally’ (a mauve color) and ‘So Cute’ (really light pink; practically clear)

Now that all of my expectations have been laid out for you, I must say I was very disappointed. Huge shocker coming from someone who is obsessed with the Kylie lipkit! The color barely showed on my lips! You could tell there was some gloss and shine, but it definitely did not look like a glossy version of Dolce K, which is very dark. I could have put Vaseline on and it would have looked the same!

Also, I HATE the application stick. The brush has bristles that aren’t sturdy for application and eventually start to bunch up and stick up so that it looks like a spider (hard to describe but just trust me when I say the application stick is pretty ugly) And the gloss doesn’t last even half as long as the matte sticks do. Whereas with the matte lipstick I would probably reapply only once throughout an entire work/school day, I had to reapply multiple (I would probably estimate about 5) times during my work day alone.

Long story short, don’t get the Kylie lip gloss. Save up for the lipkit. If you love gloss, take a trip to Rite Aid and easily save $15.


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