Understanding The Life

Flowers don’t say that they need water.
Either you quench their thirst with water or they’re gonna die quietly.
Some people are the same as flowers. They don’t say their feelings and how much they’re hurt, either you discover that and fix it or you’re going to lose them.

However, There are many people in this life bo matter how much you do for them, they won’t love you. Other people No matter how much you hurt them. They won’t hate you.

Don’t lie, everyone is seeking for the truth. Lying doesn’t hide the truth, it only makes it unknown for a while. The best way to let people have a good memory of you is your morals. Life is simple, every great king was a crying child, and every great building was a drawing.

It’s not important who you are today as much as who you’re going to be tomorrow. You have to learn from your past , and be aware from your future but not fear! Because “fear is not real, the only place that fear can exist it’s the thought of future causing you to feel things that they’re not at the present and may not ever exist”.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. trini1986 says:

    I agree totally, the truth always sets you free, very cool post

    1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Thanks Trini! Hurt someone by saying the truth but don’t ever make him happy by a lie.

  2. hernandezmonica says:

    I really like this post. It’s unique and it got me thinking.

    1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Thanks Monica. I am glad to hear that .


    Ahh, did someone lie to you? I think sometimes people do a white lie in some situation but I prefer to tell the truth.

    1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Yes there were a lot who lied to me. Yes I know what you mean but I meant the real lie. Good th hear that! Thanks.

  4. abaalkhaila says:

    Nice post , we must make a plan for the future.

    1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Yes we do! Moving with out plan same as living with no reason. Thank you Aziz!

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