Don’t try to guess.

We seem to communicate with a lot of people everyday. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Anyway have good communication is not easy. Sometimes you think you’re very clear but people do not understand your means and take it personally. It’s really make you feel bad. Whether it is what kind of relationships that all will be affected.

Last week, I had a big fight with my best friend( personal problem). It was just a small thing but we took it like a big deal. Because we didn’t understand each other’s intention. We use our own guess to replace each other’s thinks. Actually this kind of situation always happen in our daily life and one mistake that people often made is always to guess the other’s intentions. In fact, sometimes our thoughts are not represent other’s thoughts even we know them well. As long as these thoughts are not directly expressed by that person, we should confirm with that person first. ” Never take anything personally that’s how you live happily”. Another thing that I know is express directly not means express aggressively. When we are in communication with someone what we should do is “responding” not “reacting”. It means be clam down if not it become to fight and hurt people that we don’t want to hurt. When you find that you are wrong, admit it and that is not to show you are worse than others, on the contrary, it means you are mature. This is what i think and learned from this fight.



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  1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    That’s really disappointed when just a few moments or a few words could destroy a long relationship time. It’s really rare to find that kind of friends who will be with you all the time. Thanks for the interesting and sadness blog

  2. abaalkhaila says:

    I had the same problem when I came here to USA because English is my second language some time I miss understand other people . That why I like to talk to some one in person not in phone if it the first time .

  3. mbindere says:

    agree with you, what make the a small problem to a big one is not admitting the mistake and cut off people speech. let the victim talk about himself

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