Aisle Seat and Flight Time

What is your best seat in the plane?

My best seat in the plane is aisle seat . I do not preferred window seat for many reasons. I preferred aisle seat because when I need to go to restroom I do not like  ask someone to move for me . I always like to walk after coupe hours in the aisle. For me it is okay if I pay extra money to get the aisle seat . I like to get the first seat on the economy class to get extra space . I use to choice this seat exactly when I started to travel from Los Angeles, CA  to Riyadh ,K.S.A . Because the duration was 20 hours . Also, because my daughter I have to request baby bassinets. That way I make sure I make my booking with enough time to get what I need  . Maybe I do not like window seat because I do not like to see the sky in some bad weather . The aisle seat make my more comfortable. I remember my flight from Paris to Los Angeles I paid 300$ to got aisle seat and extra space. My father and my wife they  do not like aisle seat they   just like window seat and they might change their  flight if they do not find window seat.  For the flight time I do not have any problem with time if it morning or afternoon . On the other hand , my father never flight with night flight . Always morning flight .





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  1. mbindere says:

    I agree with you, the aisle seat is the best spots for a long flight distance. I do not like the window seat’s because I’m afraid of heights.

  2. Sultan Alkhadli says:

    The beauty of this life that we have different preferences, otherwise it would be difficult to handle. For me I like yo set next to the window, because it’s the only way to sleep.
    For the restroom, I don’t drink that much and it always works 🙏🏻


    From my experiences, the JET BLUE is the best in term of services. There are a bigger seat than other. The direct route are provided, more flight and route but the price is higher as well. I used to take Delta Airlines to San Francisco and lost the luggage and it’s kind of ruined my trip. Then, i found the affordable airlines for local and i rather to stick with American Airlines, it may not be the best but there are many routes, many airports and the it’s the best price.

  4. trini1986 says:

    I love window seats because when Im ready t
    o take a nap or sleep its easier for me, aisle seats are quite annoying because when people pass you they always bump your arm and wake up, so aggravating

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