NIKE AND ADIDAS’s Outlet Store In Queens

Since i signed up the gym with NYSC, I look for the sportswear like the training shoes, gym bag or clothes. So, I went to the Skyview center in Flushing by  MTA 7 subway to check out those stuff. The reason that i come here because I live in Queen. There are many stores at this shopping center especially, the sportswear outlet stores.

After I go in inside the building at main entrance, I obviously see the sign of Nike Clearance Store, It’s on lower level nearby the escalator.  This place is big and very organize. This store reflects Nike’s brand and logo very well by decoration. Also, there are the sign for in-store promotional. People can see and reach the items easily. The sale associate wear the neon green shirt and it’s easy to see them when you need help. Mostly, they have the devices that can check the price and stock right the way. Usually they have the weekend deals on every weekend which is great. You don’t need to wait for Christmas or Thanksgiving sale but you will get good price for all year.  Also, you don’t need to drive to outlet. They bring outlet to the city. The items are divided by gender, male and female section. There are the kid section as well. I really love this place! The price of sneakers start at $29 and higher. The products are all in good condition. There are many styles but the sizes are limited. Moreover, there are 30% or 40% additional sale on the weekend. If i compare the price for the same item here and Thailand, buying at here is very cheap. I have to pay for the same thing for triple price in my country. There are a lot of people here. Then you are better to come early in the morning to avoid them. Moreover, if you complete the survey on the receipt, you  will get $5 gift card emailed to you for the next purchase. It’s so easy, you don’t need to fill too many questions and wait for the lucky draw at all. The only reason beside too many people here is they didn’t keep any stock. They have size and color only on display. If it’s out of stock, you may purchase online but you don’t get the good deal. Basically, you need to dig to find it.


Moreover, i go upstairs to check out Adidas outlet store as well. They also has the in store promotional, “buy one get one 50%”. The store is small size.  The sale associates wear black and white outfit to represent the logo. They are greeting and friendly welcome. They arrange the display well and easy to reach. I think the sneaker racks are much easier to see and reach than NIKE. They display and group by item. They show the product and include all available size nearby. They also use the price strategies as well. Some selected items are at $14.99. They have male, female and kid’s section but they don’t have much products. I barely find my shoe size. The sneakers price start at $59 and I think I don’t need to buy both shoe right now. This promotion may work well with the family, couple or friend who come to shopping together. Also, if you complete to online survey, you will have a chance to win $150 gift card.


What do you think about it? Write me the comments below.



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  1. trini1986 says:

    nice I love both brands very much, and if I’m ever in the area i will definitely check it out


      Cool! there is Nike factory store in Brooklyn as well. There are a lot of Air Max there . What’s type of your favorite sneakers?

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