Moment of Truth: Kylie Lip Kit vs ColourPop

About two days after my last blog about the Kylie Lip Kit, I received two more shades: Mary Jo K and True Brown K. I then decided that it wasn’t fair that I was given Kylie all the praise and glory without having a product to compare it to. I then decided to buy some products from ColourPop that were said to be dupes of the Kylie colors that I didn’t have. I bought Clueless (said to be a dupe for Koko K) Lumiere 2 (said to be a dupe for Posie K) and finally Zipper. Zipper is a purple shade that looks an awful lot like Kylie’s Kourt K (though I didn’t know Kourt K existed at the time I bought my ColourPop products….and then I ended up getting Kourt K anyway.

I’ll start by reviewing each product separately.

Kylie’s Mary Jo K: This shade is a deep red. While the color is super pigmented and bright, which is awesome, the quality of this lipstick is not as great as the others. I find the product to be very messy during application and ends up staining the skin above my lip. You have to really give yourself a substantial amount of time for application if you are planning on wearing this shade. It takes a ton of practice and intense focus which is a bit of a turn-off for me. Also, I believe this shade makes your lips feel more dry than any of the others. I started to notice that it felt a little hard and even started to peel. If you want to look cute, definitely try this shade because the color is amazing. But if you are more about comfort and quality, you probably wouldn’t fall head over heels in love with Mary Jo K.

Kylie’s True Brown K: This is my second favorite out of all 5 shades that I own. It is a deep, rich chocolate that gives off a very fierce, sophisticated vibe. Also, the product does not have the same issues as Mary Jo K. The application is swift and simple, it doesn’t run and it does not leave your lips feeling dry and chapped. However, because color is so dark and rich, I would really suggest only using this product when you are going out somewhere special and plan on doing a full-face of makeup. If you don’t have much color on your face (eye shadow, mascara, blush) this color can easily make you look extremely pale and tired. I tried it once – don’t be like me!

Kylie’s Kourt K: This is a dark violet shade. In my opinion, it is an acquired taste and it really depends on your personality. The quality is good – not dry, easy application, feels creamy at first and then dries quickly. But when I tried it on, I realized that the color was super strong, and though it was a beautiful shade, it was also very loud and attention-drawing. It’s not something you wear to work, or the grocery store or the library. I imagine you wear this lipstick to your favorite band’s concert. For that reason, I tried it on and haven’t worn it since. I have nowhere to go with it! But, like I said, it’s an acquired taste and depends on personality so if you don’t mind getting stared at on the train because your lipstick is super distracting, then go for it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Left to Right: Zipper, Lumiere 2, Clueless


ColourPop Clueless: I must say I was rather disappointed, not with quality, but with the color itself. Of course, that’s a subjective opinion – I didn’t like the color because it was too similar to my natural lip color, which is differently from everyone else’s lip color. Clueless is a very subtle, light pink shade. While it was said to be a dupe of Koko K, I think it is a lot lighter and more natural than Koko K. The quality is okay. It does dry quickly which can be good, but it isn’t as creamy as the Kylie lipsticks, and also, it makes my lips feel chapped after a while. I just felt it was an unnecessary purchase for me personally because if I wanted to look like I wasn’t wearing any lipstick, I would invest in a clear gloss.

ColourPop Lumiere 2: By far my favorite of my 3 ColourPop colors. It is a beautiful shade of pink that isn’t too subtle, but also isn’t too bright. It looks like an exact dupe of Posie K. I wear it all the time and you can dress it up with some face make-up or wear it but nothing but simple mascara and wear it on a lazy day. I suggest this color to everyone! Also, if you apply an extra coat, it starts to look a little purple so it serves as a two in one!

Here is me wearing Lumiere 2:


ColourPop Zipper: This is a dark purple shade. I did not like this one! Not because of the color, but because of the awful quality. It does not apply on the lips evenly. Some parts of the lip end up looking way more purple than others which is not cute. You have to stand in front of the mirror for quite awhile to get this one perfect. It is also nearly impossible to remove and stains your skin. Difficult removal is supposed to be a good thing with make-up, but not when you’re trying to fix mistakes and now you have purple stains around your lip area. If you want to go the purple route, just buy Kourt K.

All in all, there pros and cons for each product both in terms of quality and color. While some Kylie lip kits are more prone to dryness than others, the company overall does a good job of maintaining a more lubricated feel than most matte products. The ColourPop cosmetics don’t seem to take too much pride in feeling creamy and comfortable. BUT, you could always apply some vaseline before using the product to aid with that. ColourPop also has money on their side: each lipstick is only $6 !! But, they don’t come with lip liner as the Kylie Lip Kits do and you get what you pay for; with Kylie you pay for comfort and a long-lasting lipstick. SO, in my humble opinion the winner is….


If you’re ballin’ on a budget, try ColourPop, but if you can splurge a little, try out Kylie specifically in Dolce K, True Brown K and 22.

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to make a purchase?

Check back in next week to read my review on the Kylie Lip Gloss in the ‘Like’ shade.


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  1. naifalbarzan says:

    I can judge from the photos!! they look nice!!

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