Just Smile

Everybody spends a lot of money to be happy or to care about his health, you have a few things that you can do without spending money to have the same result or even better. Smile is one of them.

Did you know how many muscles do you use while smiling?
Every time you frown, you’re unnecessarily exhausting 43 facial muscles, while smiling only uses 17 muscles.

Did you know that Smiling has body benefits?
Some studies show that beaming can benefit your blood pressure levels.
Other studies show that the number of heartbeats is going down when you smile which helps your body system to be calm and work very well.

Did you know that Smiling leads to a longer life?
Some studies show that smiling people can live 7 years more than normal people, because of body benefits of smiles.
Also other studies show when people smile their face look 3 years younger than reality.

Did you know who smiles more man or woman?
The average woman smiles approximately 62 times a day. In that same day, a man only smiles eight times.

Did you know that there are different types of smiles?
Happiness isn’t the only thing we can express when we turn up the corners of our mouths.one scientists discovered that people smile 19 different ways, depending on social situations and emotions.

Finally a smile is the best way to connect and start with people, you may make a big different change in that person’s mood for that day or all his life!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    fantastic sultan, I like your optimistc personality. You right smiling also is the only understandable language in the world. By the way, try to smile when I defeat you on FiFA 😀

    1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Thanks!! Come by and we will see who’s gonna laugh not only smiling 😁

  2. abaalkhaila says:

    You are right and your topic is very important this day to be smile.

    1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Thanks Aziz!!

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