Friends are like Family

I can safely say I have some of the best friends a guy can possibly have. I currently live in Brooklyn with two long time friends of mine. Unfortunately I don’t have any family that reside in the United States, so my friends are who I have counted on since I migrated here in 2004. Not saying my family back home in Trinidad have not been there for me, but its been rough some times living here on my own, and the friends I have made, met and rekindled with have been my support system. It was a high school friend that gave me the opportunity to come to the states to play soccer in college, and it was another that gave me the chance to come to NYIT  to continue to playing soccer and reside in the greatest city on the planet. My friends are my family, as I always say, I can count on them for financial an emotional assistance when needed, they have made my home away from home very comfortable. They are the brothers from another mother who I appreciate dearly, i do have two younger siblings back in Trinidad, but living in a foreign country for as long as I have you definitely need some help. They have been nothing but excellent since Ive been here and continue to be blessing that I have always asked for in friends. They are very reliable, dependable and over all trustworthy and I wouldnt swap or trade them for any others in the world, and as the new saying goes, I don’t need “no new friends” in my life right about now.


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  1. hernandezmonica says:

    Great post! I feel that in this city is so important to have strong support system because it can get rough out there. Glad you’ve found great friends.!

  2. trini1986 says:

    thanks, It is very important, and they have been nothing short or great


    I totally agree with this. I also live in the state on my own, all of my family are in Thailand. I can not live here without my friends, especially Thai friend because i feel sometime I need someone who has the same culture, language and thought to listening and understanding me.

  4. abaalkhaila says:

    You are right the friends are like family especially when I came here and I had new friends

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