Twitter and Facebook Become a News Sources

Nowadays, the uses of Facebook and Twitter are increased in news sources. For example, people create an account in these social media platforms more likely to get news than the main point of using the platform, which is to share your moment with others. a new study by Pew Research Center in association with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, finds that 63% of Facebook and Twitter users say that each platform has it own source of news that they can get from out of their friends circle. Such as, events and issues.


Although both social media platforms have the same account holders to get news from these platforms, there are major differences of publishing types. people who use Twitter said. For instance, Twitter has a good strength to provide a live event. This finding encourages Twitter to focus on providing new features. Such as, Project Lightning which will give users or not, the ability to view tweets, pictures and videos about the live events. Also, in 2015 Twitter bought an app called Periscope, the app streams the live event online as it happens. In addition, in May 2015 Facebook published Instant Articles, the project allows media companies to post directly to Facebook instead of linking to the outside.



source: Pew Research Center

pictuer source: Martin Gysler


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  1. naifalbarzan says:

    Hmm, I’ve read this topic a time ago, and it’s so true!!

    1. mbindere says:

      that means it is an interesting topic, I’m one of them who is getting his news thru Twitter.

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