Sport and Socializing




Maybe some people who are not familiar with sport will see this title weird, but yea there is a noticeable  connect between sport and making new friends. In my opinion, it’s now the most place that all people know each other and having a wonderful relationship even though they met before a few days.



.For example, let me put this into a question. Have you had a classmates who you don’t even know their names, Unfortunately, yes, it’s almost know three months at comm663 and there are students I haven’t talk to them yet. I only can recognize them from their faces. Even though people at class are sharing the same situation .which is they are young and at the same age, but there is a huge wall between them.

On another way have you heard about a sport team no matter if they are at school or even professionals and they don’t know each other? This is one hundred percent impossible.


It’s not only about the players, also sport fans who they are interested to the same sport or specifically to the same team. For example, when I am watching the premier league soccer and drinking a cup of coffee from starbucks, if there is someone else who I don’t know watching the same match, I will talk to him without any problem, maybe I will celebrate with him if we are having the same team.


 I haven’t found the reason why people at sport world having that strong relation between each other, but I believe now that sport is the biggest place for socializing.


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  1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

    I think this is a usual thing because the classes are more serious and it depends on your class situation. So when you get into a group you’re gonna know their names same as the tames do.

    1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

      That could be one of the reasons, but I think it’s not essential.The main reason is you don’t have to know them wether the class was serious or can get an A and learn with out having a friends

  2. trini1986 says:

    Sports always brings people together where many times the classroom doesn’t

    1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

      That’s good you have the same opinion as mine. By the way, I sent friend request to you one week ago.😁

      1. trini1986 says:

        whats your pin name again, ill check, cause my roomies be on many times

      2. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

        It’s Mohammed alajlan or might be wookaa22. I wrote a message with the request you will know it directly

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