Why Women Are Far Superior to Men

Got your attention?

Now that I sparked enough interest to entice you to read more, I’ll crush your dreams a little bit and warn you right now that the following will not be an anti-men, super controversial piece. I don’t think women are superior to men. I think we’re all equal.

BUT, with that being said I realized yesterday when I was trying to explain to my boyfriend that I could barely get out of bed because my back was cramping up that he doesn’t get it. Why? Because he’s a boy. And boys don’t understand.

I truly value all the great men in my life, but there’s just some things you’ll never be able to relate to. Like how my emotions can go from 0 to 100, real quick. Or how some days I feel like I look just as good as Beyonce and other days I feel like my pores are huge, gaping holes on my face. I don’t think boys can even understand that pores ARE visible. I mean, will my boyfriend ever get that sometimes I’m super happy-go-lucky and then other times I just want to sit in front of the TV and watch something really, really sad like Titanic or Long Island Medium and just cry until my heart is content because, oddly enough, crying feels really, really good?! Will he ever understand that for one week per month NONE of my pants fit me properly and it drives me insane and I just want to scream “TELL ME I’M BEAUTIFUL!!!” Or, mostly important, will he ever grasp the concept of me wanting to be left alone on that week, but still wanting him to text me, call me and offer me hugs? Probably not. I don’t even understand that one.

Or will men ever understand what my best friend is currently going through: her third trimester of pregnancy! Will they ever understand what it’s like for their body to grow and expand and feel a human being inside them trying to kick? Can they even imagine wobbling about, feeling hot and sweaty yet everyone wants to pet you like you’re a puppy? NO! It’s impossible to understand something you’ll never experience.

So, in my conclusion, dear men, if any of you have a girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, etc. please excuse them when their hormones take over. But never, ever try to pretend like you understand. Until you can make it through an entire day of work and school while feeling like there are tiny demons inside of you karate chopping your uterus, you cannot possibly understand. Period.

But let’s make a game of this! Ladies, what are some other things that we go through that men will never understand? And men, comment below some things you just don’t understand about women.


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  1. hernandezmonica says:

    Love love love your post! Men will never understand what it’s like to walk down the street, completely clothed, and still be catcalled! They will never understand the fear that overcomes us as we walk home late at night, fearing that someone will jump out the bushes and attack us.

  2. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    I really love your blog.It’s remind me of my family. Specifically, my mom and my old sister, when I was young it was really complicated and not understandable why my mom suddenly starts to be mad and throwing bad words such as, I don’t have a children, no one care about his mom in this house. I just got it now when I grow, ladies are really weak in controlling their emotional, they can’t keep calm and hiding their pressure from life like men.Also, my sister, if I want to let her paying attention to me, all what I have to do is just give her a few words such as, there is something different on you today!. automatically she is following me and keep asking me what I mean by that. Women aren’t asking for a lot!!

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