Filters Became a Controversial Issue in COMM663

While we were discussing the stories of our participation in the social media platforms last week, my thought turned to the worm filters in Instagram and how they can be turned into a marketing tool. There is a myriad of filters available on this social media platform, and the phenomenon of having companies use this space to advertise themselves has brought about the realization that these filters can enhance the viewership and reach of a post. I have thought about the impact these filters have, and this post will delve into this issue.

A filter is a particular effect that can be applied to an image or part of an image. Filters can be fairly simple effects used to mimic traditional photographic filters, or they can be complex programs used to create painterly effects ( This if applied in the context of a picture will mean that the picture will appear different due to different hues and colors compared to as it appeared before application of the filters. Filters when ideally used help in absorbing the light in a picture so as to clarify the subject of the photo and make it more attractive.

Most of not all companies identify with a certain color for their branding and advertisement purposes. These companies can solidify their brand by always applying filters with these colors on their post. There are also certain filters as stated before to which the Instagram community react to favorably than others. Indeed research by has shown that filters referred to as Mayfair and Inkwell drove most of the interaction on Instagram. This, therefore, shows that Instagram has good marketing tools that one may use such as the filters.

Now I think you all can apply the appropriate filter on your photo.


4 Comments Add yours


    i think it’s about emotion. The filter can affect to the feeling. It can attractive or bore you. If we always use the plain or same filter, it could be boring picture as well.

    1. naifalbarzan says:

      You’re right!! Sometimes it depends on what you’re feeling towards the photo.

  2. abaalkhaila says:

    I think it will be depends about the time you will take the picture what is your felling about it.

    1. naifalbarzan says:

      Of course!! but look at it by the others ayes!! it is completely different

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