Somehow Social Media Websites Features Violate The Privacy

Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook to help Harvard students to make friends between each other. But by the time it becomes more personal. For example, in the begging of Facebook if someone from Harvard wants to be friend with someone he or she have seen and they could not have the chance to speak to each other, they can go to Facebook and search for his or her name and then they can reach each other, but now Facebook becomes more universal and it has too many personal information that most people do not want to show it to everyone like, my relationship status, friends, location and phone number. In this case, I made my Facebook page privet. That no one can see my profile except my friends who are really close to me. For instance, my coworkers are just friends. they are not best friends that can see my privet life because I always post what I did last night or funny picture of me. Also, I use Facebook to be in touch with friends who are abroad for example, when I travel I met new people and I want to know about them when I am back home. The old way like, phone, mail, and text are showing what they want to say to me but Facebook shows the real feeling. for example, if they were in a party they will be tagged in a picture from a friend, so when I see I feel I am still among them even I am far.

Featured Image Source: Master OSM 2011


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    I agree with you. I created my personal facebook and set it as private. Only real friends that can see my timeline but at least i add some of my coworkers in facebook. I think Facebook has option to set the group too but i never use it.

  2. mbindere says:

    that is true, first time i did not know about the option that can have me protected, and that thing got me some problems.

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