Life Expectancy

People want to live longer lives. That is the ultimate goal of technology and medicine. There are so many efforts being done to lengthen the life expectancy of people including finding cures to terminal illnesses and preventive medicine that helps detect sicknesses before it even begins. Life expectancy is the ultimate goal of technology and medicine. Various technologies and medicinal advances are created so that people can live longer. That’s how advanced the technology is to increase life expectancy. Because of this efforts, it is normal to think that there will indeed be a longer life expectancy. However, I do believe that there are a few factors that make people’s live shorter as these technologies rise and this includes the price of healthcare, overpopulation, and pollution.

There are so many treatments available in the market to prolong life but they are very expensive. Only those who are rich and privileged can afford treatments such as stem cell procedures and chemotherapy. Those who are poor could not afford this and therefore, only the top tier of the human race can have longer live expectancy. When seen as a whole, the whole bunch could not afford to prolong their lives anyway. They live normal length lives and expect no miracle when they get sick. Some even choose to not receive therapy because they think it is a waste of money or they cannot afford it. Technology in prolonging life comes with a hefty tag price so it doesn’t prolong everybody’s life.

Second, overpopulation cancels out the longer life expectancy. As some people live longer, the population of this earth grows beyond what is ideal. In the normal course of life, people come and go. The birth rate should be directly proportionate to the death rate so that the population remains healthy. In a healthy population, the resources of the earth can still provide for the needs. However, in a population that is too large, the resources will be scarce and this creates many problems for the world. Due to the increased life expectancy, the birth rate is high and the death rate is low – thus creating a problem of overpopulation. As people’s life expectancy increases, the population increases tremendously and this is very problematic. Because of the high demand and low supply of natural resources, there is poverty. People lack their needs. People live in a life without sufficiency. This leads to a stressful and shorter life span too.

Lastly, pollution creates more health problems that technology can resolve. A single person contributes a lot of waste in the society and the longer people’s lives are, the more years they will create waste and pollute the environment. The causes of pollution in the global scene are mostly technology and people. As technology lengthens the lives of people, they add to the waste and pollution in the world. There is a waste problem that is happening today. The world is producing so much waste than what we can manage. And since many of these wastes are hard to manage such as non-biodegradable products and toxic wastes, it damages the environment and makes people lives unhealthy and shorter.

In the end, life expectancy is expected by people but there are factors that actually prevent them from achieving this. Prolonging life is expensive. We are affected by overpopulation and pollution, and this has a direct hit on our health and length of life. There is no way from stopping it affect our life expectancy.

Featured Image Source: MIRACC


3 Comments Add yours

  1. trini1986 says:

    Eat healthy, exercise and try to get involved in some type of sports and you should live as long as possible, just my take on living for a long time

    1. hernandezmonica says:

      I definitely agree with you, Kyle. I think its so important to get exercise and eat healthy. Many of our health problems are rooted with the fact that we don’t do either as best as we should. This would solve a lot of problems.

  2. trini1986 says:

    indeed it would, especially since I was a student athlete and still try to be as active as possible still

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