In the Ruins of New York, There is A Very Expensive White Bird



Photo Source: Matteo

New York World Trade Center Transportation Hub has been officially opened, but it already delay seven years. Although every day there are more than thousand building completed, but it’s different: it’s the building at the 911 ruins, it means an extraordinary birth.

Photo Source: Stephen Weppler

New York World Trade Center Transportation Hub designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The whole building made by white steel and glass. During the day, the sun through the glass tube between the shining, so the station lit. Theoretically, the light would have been spread, and finally, reach to 60 feet below the surface of the PATH station platform. In the evening, this building will light the surrounding buildings. From the appearance, New York World Trade Center Transportation Hub resembles a white dove, Calatrava said his design was inspired by a flying peace dove picture from a child.

Photo Source: John Mcsporran

To build on the most complex emotional land of the, it must have a deep meaning, even beyond the building itself. It must be “the building after the 9/11 attacks” rather than an ordinary looking station or shopping center. After the entire station is enabled, it is expected to usher 250,000 people daily. So far, the World Trade Center transportation hub in New York City has become the third-largest transportation center. In the future, it will connect the New York City subway largest transfer center – Fulton Center Subway Station.

Photo Source: Anthony Quintano

As a large-scale renovation project of the New York underground transport, which will connect buses, ferries, trains and other lines, including 11 subways, PATH line (between New York City and New Jersey), as well as a path to JFK international Airport. You can also through the sidewalk, direct access to the world’s financial centers and other surrounding buildings.

Photo Source: 準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia

Not only delayed the completion of seven years, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub is beyond the budget: plan worth $ 2.2 billion projects, has now spent nearly $ 4 billion. Now enter the building, there is an empty oval area, surrounded by shops and restaurants. At the top covered with a white “rib” structure and 108 meters long glass sunroof which can be opened.

Photo Source: Brian
Photo Source: Kent G Becker

Standing on the 911 sites, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub is only part of the World Trade Center buildings, the World Trade Center Building 1 on the plan drawing, Building 4, Building 7, and 911 National Memorial and Museum are all completed, the remaining the part also in construction or planned, including the World Trade Center Building 3, performing Arts Center……

Photo Source: Tarek Awad

When these buildings are all built up, it is really meant 911 will accelerate away from people’s mind?


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  1. fcicchet says:

    I really love this post. I’ve always been fascinated by architecture and NYC mass transit. It’s an incredible structure, however after reading your article, as well as various NYC newspapers, the project certainly warrants some critics. The big criticism of course being that the building went well over budget and it went over the time allotted to complete the massive project. I think the reconstruction of ground zero overall was done right, I really believe the water falls and monuments pay a nice tribute to those who died on 9/11, however I still have not seen the hub. Nonetheless, great blog post, the pictures are an excellent touch.

  2. abaalkhaila says:

    I really like the photos .! It keep my attention to your post .

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