Girl proposes to Guy…what’s your take?

There has been much controversy about marriage proposals and who should take the lead on this giant step forward in a relationship. Traditionally, males are the ones who usually get down on one knee and ask the woman of his dreams to become his wife someday.

Recently on Facebook I’ve seen a number of pictures where the girl has gotten down on one knee and asked the guy to marry her. As I was skimming through the comments I noticed that a lot of women were upset because they did not agree with the woman proposing to the guy. I also seen a lot of men comment calling the guys “weak” and “cowards” for allowing a woman to propose to them. They were older men degrading this younger generation of men calling them “little boys”.

As for me I probably would not get down on one knee and ask a guy to marry me. Not saying there is anything wrong with it, I just can’t see myself proposing to my future husband.

What do you think about this?


Photo source: Mkw87


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  1. fcicchet says:

    I’d like to find someone who will get down on one knee and propose to me, that girl is definitely a keeper. Anytime people break social norms, I nod my head in approval. As humans we sometimes put ourselves on a road that doesn’t test conventional thinking. I think as humans one of our best modes of adapting and striving for a more efficient planet is our ability to think differently. Salute to the happy couple! Cheers!

    1. 4theloveofshooz says:

      Well one day you will find that young lady who is willing to get a little soil on her knees and propose to you with a 10 karat diamond engagement band. You both shall live happily ever after.

  2. dilireba says:

    Everyone has different views on everything, there is no right or wrong with it . But for me i can’t accept it too.

  3. Samantha says:

    I don’t think I would personally do it just because ever since I was a little girl I imagined what that moment would be like and I always imagined that the man I love will open up and be super vulnerable and express his feelings for me and ask me to marry him. (Super corny, I know!) But I think that’s how a lot of girls imagine their proposal being which is probably why they don’t even consider popping the question first even though, in my opinion, the woman is usually the one who is ready to commit and get married before the man. But, I’m not against it at all. If you know what you want and are ready to go out there and grab it then why not? My parents didn’t have a “traditional” proposal where my dad got down on one knee. Their proposal was more of a conversation where they discussed their relationship and my mom suggested they get married and my dad was all for it. To each his own.

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