Be All you can Be

May 1st 2012 was the day I decided to sign up for a cause bigger than myself, the day a change was needed for the better. It was the day I signed away my rights to uncle Sam for a  greater good. Two hundred words or more can never fully describe the experience I had of being a U.S soldier, but then again words are never enough anyways. Serving and fighting for those who can’t help themselves is no greater feeling in the world. The U.S Army is a my extended family, the biggest family in the world to be exact, where everyone looks out for each other, I mean we have our ups and downs like any family does, but that just life. Early wake up calls, long days, you having no control over how your days go, its a lifestyle you have to get used too, Its a job thats very demanding, very very stressful but one you learn to enjoy and for many love. The pay isn’t the greatest but then again many jobs are like that, but the rewards are far and well beyond what you earn, its the passion you show by wearing that uniform and serving your country twenty for seven, seven days a week. Making yourself, your family and friends proud to call you a U.S Soldier.


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  1. mslolaaaa says:

    First and foremost, I salute and thank you for serving, and fighting for our country! It is truly amazing. I am sure that following your passion is very rewarding, no matter the pay. 🙂

  2. hernandezmonica says:

    This is my favorite sentence from your post: “Serving and fighting for those who can’t help themselves is no greater feeling in the world”

    Thank you for all that you do and have done. I agree with your quote. Since I work with students who are underprivileged, under credited, and overage, there is no greater feeling then helping them get their lives back on track

  3. trini1986 says:

    You guys are very welcome, and yes it does indeed bring a smile to your face and warms your heart knowing you can assist those n need.

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