New Year New IPhone, Car, IPad, IPod….


 Its 2016! Time to throw out your old 2015 iPhones, and get the new and improved 2016 iPhones. “It is time to trade in your outdated 2015 Mercedes and upgrade to the new and improved 2016 model. Why would you want to drive something that’s not up to date? This 2016 version has got new tech and hands free applications.”

Every year tech companies trick us into buying more and more of their product. They claim there is a change in something somewhere, with some phone or car that promises to make our life simpler. It puts us in a perplexed situation as we find ourselves wondering if we will be missing out of we don’t purchase these “ne and improved versions”.

Take for instance the 2015 IPhone 6 plus vs. the 2016 IPhone S 6 plus. The only difference made was the fact that one can use voice recognition to call Siri without having to touch your phone all the time. I am willing to bet that they had this technology last year, but they kept it only to reveal in 2016 for marketing purposes. They’ll give the 2015 ipad a higher camera definition, and then market it in 2016; something they could have done in 2015! The commercials promise us it will be the best thing ever! They don’t tell you what you really need to know, that it is the best until December 31 of the year! It’s a scam I tell ya!

As for me, I have decided not to upgrade my I phone 6plus, until at least the next 3 years. Not unless they tell me Siri can read my thoughts, cook dinner and do my homework!




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  1. naifalbarzan says:

    I loved the idea that Siri can do the homework!! I still use the iPhone 5!!

    1. ChristineA says:

      haha don’t we all wish siri could actually do home work?

  2. abaalkhaila says:

    Good idea to update your phone and got new one . I will wait until the next new iphone.

  3. fcicchet says:

    Interesting post, yes big companies update products too often, it’s ridiculous but I don’t think they expect every customer to be persuaded into updating. Sure there are iPhone brand loyalists who feel the need to always be up-to-date on the new hardware but for the average middle class family as Bernie Sanders would say we can all take a pass on the new phones. I actually read a few article of golf club technology, the conclusion is that golf technology has virtually no new developments since 2009. Unfortunately not the case for cell phones but the technology has slowed a little bit.

    1. ChristineA says:

      Thanks for commenting @fcicchet . interesting facts about gulf technology not upgrading since 2009.

  4. hernandezmonica says:

    I definitely don’t feel the need to update any of my gadgets, unless there is a drastic difference in the technology or the product itself. I am content with my phone as long as I can send/receive messages and can make phone calls.

    1. ChristineA says:

      haha my feelings exactly Monica

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