Chinese Innovator

At first, I did not know what to write about but then I remembered a funny story which I have read once in a magazine. Chinese farmer from the southern Chinese province taught his pigs to jump from the tower. In this way, he decided to improve the physical condition of the animals and, as a consequence, make more money on the sale of pork. In farmer’s opinion, such physical exercises like swimming, improve the immune system of pigs and the quality of their meat. He built a wooden platform three meters high by the pond beside his pigsty so that the pigs could dive off from it every day. It is not quite correct to say that the pigs jump themselves – the farmer still has to climb up the tower with them and push them into the water. And then they are swimming to the shore all by themselves. After such water procedures pigs’ appetite increases and, thus, they eat more and grow faster. Economic indicators justify the efforts of the man: the pork of the regularly floating animals he sells at a price three times higher than the meat of exclusively ground pigs. Also, the farmer usually gets to the town riding on a pig. He likes this kind of transport, furthermore, the pig is not against that. Now, almost every day you can find this savvy farmer on the road, riding on one of the biggest pigs from his farm. According to the farmer, a pig appeared a lot easier to manage than he could imagine. When a farmer had the idea to use a pig as a vehicle for the first time, he doubted a lot in the animal’s complaisance. However, a good attitude and tenderness work wonders – the animal reciprocated to the farmer’s love. In addition, the tower of his own production has already become a local landmark.


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  1. PAKKAPORN says:

    thanks for sharing story!

    1. naifalbarzan says:

      So welcome!

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