192 People Stand in 1 Square Meter, the Real Lilliput


When Frederik Braun & Gerrit Braun made the first railway by their hammers, they never though they will spend 15 years to build a real Lilliput and full of 250,000 residents. Frederik and Gerrit are brothers, at the beginning they just wanted to make a train model.  But it became bigger and bigger and couldn’t stop. They led 230 production staff and made the world’s largest train model. It has 15,000 kilometers tracks, 930 trains, and 14,450 train cabins. The most exciting thing is all the model can move! The longest train has 14.5 meters.



Frederik and Gerrit said those railways already cost several tons of steel, wood and plaster.



Along the railway, you can see 228,000 trees, 8,850 different model of cars and 3,660 buildings and bridges. All of them was made by hand.



When the train started, if you follow the railway, just a few minutes, you will be able to cross the snow-capped mountains, drilled through rare red caves.



At the port, you can see the loaded ship was about to dock.



In Playground, you can see the roller coaster up and down.



You can even see a rocket launch slowly.



And when you look closely, you will find the hidden scenes. Those living scenes were well designed and every character has their own lines.



At the cafe corner, it’s a quiet coffee time.



The other side of the suburb, some people have fights.



In the city, young people are riding a bicycle.



On the sidewalk, a middle-aged man driving a weary luggage.



A couple was hiding in sunflower forest.



100 miles away, the criminals were surrounded by police.



Someone was traveling with his wife and children.



Someone stay at the office alone and work overtime.



In bushes, a five-year-old child was playing, but he didn’t notice there was a pedophilia hidden in the haystack and holding a telescope.



Someone like overcrowded beaches and someone loves solitude beach.



At the upstream, policemen were dealing with the dead body and downstream, people were enjoying the water.



People rushed to gather, went to a fantastic concert, or to go to someone mourning funeral.



These real, or warm scene, scattered in 1,300 square meters of Lilliput, just like a scene of life.



In this real scene, the most complex and amazing one is the world’s smallest and most sophisticated airports which were spent 3.5 million euros and took six years to build.



In this 150 square meters airport, there are more than 40 aircraft can be simulated the flight of the aircraft, and ground personnel perform their duties. From the aircraft maintenance area to the terminal building, every detail was designed as the real airport. In order for fly those aircraft, the brothers even developed its own hardware and software, planning a complex flight path. When night fell, the airport will light up the light.


This amazing miniature world attracted the google in 2015. Google street team photographed the entire Lilliput and made the Micro World Edition Street map!



German brothers said the Lilliput still kept expanding. In 2020, there will be Britain, France and Africa. In the coming months, you can see a miniature version of Italy…


Photo Source: miniatur-wunderland.com


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mbindere says:

    beautiful details, for a minute I lived the moment. unbelievable work

  2. naifalbarzan says:

    this is awesome!! with this effort to build a whole city like this i do not need to travel!! I loved it

    1. chrishyao says:

      I really want to go to Germany to see their works.

  3. PAKKAPORN says:

    It’s interesting story! they must be patient because this job is so dilated!

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