Children and Technology


Nowadays, everything can done by using technology specially for children . What do you think the age of adult? The passage from teenager to adult hood is one of the most complicated and confusing processes an adult can experience. There are three main reasons for age of adults should be 21 in all countries responsibility, way of thinning and education.

First of all, the first reason for age of adults should be 21 is responsibility . They can rely on them and they can do their stuff without help. Also, they can be responsible for a family. For example, when they become 21 year old they should have same responsibility from their parents to help in home work. That why in this age the adult can use the technology and be monitoring the children because using the technology should be in the right way.

Second, the way of thinking. In this age they can decide what is wrong and what is good . In other hand , they can think of several things that can be good for them or not. In this age they have their own opinion about what they have to use the technology in . In addition, using the technology is very important in this age .

Third, education in this age they should be full time student and they have to use the technology all the time to help them self in their education. Same of them might have job and the technology can be helpful for them. For example , they might use the phone or laptop during them job time for same thing important .Also, they qualify member of society to be more helpful .

In sum, same people said that adults age need to be 18 . However, when they 21 they can decide of several things all will be good for them. The three main reasons of adults age are obligation, way of thoughtful and education. In my opinion I think the adults age most be 21.


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  1. mohammedalajlan1991 says:

    Interesting subject to talk about. In my opinion, I think people effected of every thing and that what makes them keeping as a kid or growing as adult. It’s the society responsible and as soon as the person got adult he will start to develop the people around him

  2. trini1986 says:

    As a dad i believe kids using technology is inevitable, to me its about how you manage how they use it, and when i say that its what they watch, use and interact with it, because technology can be used as a very productive learning tool, it all depends on the parents

  3. PAKKAPORN says:

    Technology has pro and con. I think it depends on the purpose of the user. In my country, most people graduated the bachelor degree at age 21. Then I agree with this statement that adult has to be 21years old. I think at this age people already has experience. They has responsibility, mature, reasonable. At least they educated in their field. Then they can decided what to do or not. However, using the technology is not wrong but it’s hard to control the user to use it in the proper way.

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