The City without Wall

Photo Source: Arne Bornheim

New York, Manhattan, maybe is the most convince metropolitan.
I was live in Beijing, which is a huge city (6,487 mi²). I bear all the unconvinced for more than 20 years. It was tired to use 10 minutes to cross the road and terrible traffic which is worse than Manhattan. At least, you can walk in Manhattan.

Photo Source: Peter Dowley

New York uses uniform grid to design the city.

Photo Source: torbakhopper

New York’s main road are two types: Avenue and Street, usually very narrow. This small grid, is separated from the Avenues and Streets. Because the road is very dense, so each block is very small, if you walk throw the block by Avenue just take a minute.

Photo Source: Daniel Piraino

Whether Avenue or Street, most of them are named numerically. Even a wide Avenue cannot be compared with Chinese city’s traffic artery. It’s very convenient to cross the road.


Because the block is very structured, the road management is also very convenient. There is a magical place, as long as you know a house number on the Avenue, you can easily figure out which is nearest the street.



In Manhattan, there is a lot of quiet streets, because the building is residential buildings. You might not imagine, in Manhattan is known as a center of the world where could hide so many quiet side street. But just couple block away you can soon re-enter the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Photo Source: Dorli Photography

The concept of the residential district does not exist here, almost all residential building is frontage.

Photo Source: Eric Leo Kogan

For ordinary people, the biggest advantage of New York is convenient. Think about cities in China, you need a long way to arrive at the entrance.

Photo Source: Yu-Jen Shii

The most valuable are the efficient use of space and did not cause any discomfort and oppressive people, where is not like Hong Kong, it’s too tied to breathe.

Photo Source: MojoBaron

New York gives pedestrians a very comfortable and unique walking experience, so New York became the world’s most pedestrian-friendly city, which gave people a sense of belonging, feel themselves be the host of the city.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. PAKKAPORN says:

    people have different perspective. They are from differ culture or society but i agree that in New York look more clean and neat than other. I think that New York has the good organize design for town planning. I admit it has the better systems like transportation, education, discipline than my country as well.

  2. dilireba says:

    Anyway New York is a amazing city.

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