The Magic Mouse

Since we have the social media class I have to use the mouse most of the time specially on the WikiSpaces website. And since my device is a laptop, I bought this small amazing mouse last week from Microsoft store to make my work easier. Using this mouse makes you more professional and more faster to do your job. It is connected by Bluetooth so you won’t have the cable problems and it’s very simple to use and very easy to be connected. You just have to press the button from the bottom and it’s going to work immediately. It looks so beautiful and it is very helpful. They have three colors of it, red ,blue and black. It’s only for $30 without taxes. You can use it everywhere, you don’t need to put anything under it and It’s very light to cary. I really like it and sometimes I use my  laptop not because I need to, just because I want to use this amazing mouse. However, I may sale it in the end of this semester if you’re interested please let me know. I’ll give you a special price. 😁

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  1. hernandezmonica says:

    Glad to hear you like this mouse! I always have problems with mine because the sensor on the bottom is a bit faulty. Thank you for the recommendation!

    1. Sultan Alkhadli says:

      Sure!! You can try my mouse if want 😁

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