How this underwear company is helping fight the menstruation taboo!


If talking about periods, menstruation, the shedding of a woman’s uterus lining makes you uncomfortable, then I’m not sure what to tell you because this post will talk about the MTA’s  advertisement on period-proof panties for women made by Thinx.

Since the beginning of menstruation, women have been taught to feel shame when it comes to “their time of month.” The first time I bought pads I was 12 years old and with my mom. We went to our local store and after purchasing the pads, they were handed to me in a brown paper bag—this is something I will never forget. It was as though I had purchased something illegal and had to hide it from the rest of the world. Since then, I was taught not to speak about periods, especially to males.

In some places around the world women are not allowed to attend school and are placed in isolation. Women are told that something natural like their periods is shameful-a logic I just don’t seem to understand. In rural villages in western Nepal, some women are sent to live in a shed during their menstruation. Although this chaupadi tradition was outlawed, it is still practiced in some places.


This is why the period-proof underwear being displayed proudly on the train makes me happy! I am all for the MTA advertising these underwear. The best part about these ad’s is that the company selling the underwear, Thinx, donates some of their profit to provide sanitary products to women who might not have access to them.


In some countries, girls in rural villages have to cut up pieces of mattress or use twigs during their period. This can lead to infection, thus, I plan to support the company and its period-proof underwear.


What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing a pair of period-proof underwear? Comment below.


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  1. mslolaaaa says:

    I agree, I am so happy that the MTA is proudly displaying the Thinx underwear all over the subway. I hate that there is a “shame” bearing for the menstrual cycle. People should understand that it is simply life, and an important part of a woman’s being. I support the underwear!!

    1. hernandezmonica says:

      Exactly! Thank you for your response. I think it’s so important to spread awareness about menstruation and how it is natural,thus, should not be shamed.

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