For The Love of Dance

Dancing has always been an intense passion of mine. Ever since I was a toddler, to elementary school, to middle school, to high school, and even to college. At one point in time I wanted my profession to be a choreographer. I truly love the ability to express yourself visually through music. I call it “art in motion”. There is a sense of liberation, love, joy, and peace when it comes to dancing for me.

In elementary school, I was a part of a dance organization called The Northern Parkways All-Star Dance Troupe, I was on the cheerleading squad and I was also a part of the theater club. One keen memory, I have from elementary school is when the theater club put on a musical. I don’t remember the name of the musical we did, but it was a collaboration of many musicals combined. We did Annie, Grease, and I remember doing Peter Pan.

In middle school, I joined the dance team called rhythmettes. We performed at all school functions. And my favorite function that we performed at was the school’s pep rally. There all grades from 6-8 gathered with school spirit and it was so much fun.

In high school, we did not have a typical dance team. In order for me to continue pursing my dream of dancing I had to join the Kickline team, which is apart of the marching band. Kickline was different as far as dance style but I loved it. We performed at pep rallys, parades, and competitions. It was an amazing time. Two memories stick out to me and that is when we traveled to Quebec, Canada for a competition and won! And also when we competed at Hofstra University’s Battle of the Bands and won. The marching band at my high school was very important and amazing. If you have ever seen the movie Drumline, then you would know how my high school’s marching band looked.

Now in college, I engaged in my favorite and most memorable time of dance. I was a part of an on campus dance team called Knemesis Dance Crew. I joined the team as a freshman in 2011 and was the only person out of the group I joined with that stayed on it till I graduated in 2015. Talk about dedication right?! Well I absolutely loved that team. For my last two years I took on leadership positions. My junior year I was the secretary and my senior year I was the President. Knemesis Dance Crew took on all styles if dancing from Hip hop, reggae, African, jazz, tap, ballet, modern, technical, so on and so forth. I absolutely loved the diversity and knowledge of dance I was gaining. I can say that joining that team helped me become a better dancer. Every year we had two big main performances. The big one for fall semester was our Khaotik Dance Competition and Greek Charity Stroll. And for that one we would have dance teams from all over America come and compete at our school (University at Albany) for a cash prize and trophy. The big performance for spring semester is our Annual Show. It is a show that Knemesis puts on for the SUNY Albany community, family, and friends.

After college, dancing has slowed down a bit because I am focused on other things concerning my professional life. I dance all the time whenever I get the chance at home. But I’ve decided that I want to take classes, so I can rekindle my fire for dance.




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  1. hernandezmonica says:

    Your post inspired me to be a dancer! Lol I’ve always wanted to take dancing classes but I am a bit shy when it comes to performing. Your passion for dancing is definitely seen on this post. I’d love to see your performances.

    1. mslolaaaa says:

      Aww thanks!! You should def take a class, I promise it won’t hurt to try. You might even end up loving it. And my college performances are up on YouTube. Just type Knemesis Dance Crew and videos should pop right up ! 🙂

  2. 4theloveofshooz says:

    I’m a dancer myself. I’ve been dancing since I was 7 years old. My passion is hip hop of course. I used to dance back in college in the marching band. That would have to be my second most favorite and then African. I love African dance too, its a good workout!

    1. mslolaaaa says:

      Yess it is a great workout! And aww I love meeting other dancers that share the same passion and love for dance as me!

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