The Age of Adaline Movie Review

               The Age of Adaline is a new movie that released in 2015. The director Lee Toland Krieger, and the writers J. Mills Gooodloe and Salvado Paskowitz, with stars: Blake Lively (Adaline), Michiel Huisman (Ellis Jones), Harrison Ford (William Jones) and Ellen Burstyn (Flemming). The movie story is about a 29 years old woman who stops aging after a terrible accident. The movie focuses on how Adaline handles the living with it, instead of focusing on how its happened to like other films. 

              Often we hear the idea of immortality in our life, whether from a real life or imaginary life, and the idea becomes obsessed with girls especially. The idea had a large share of the films industry that was often science fiction impose a variety of theories about human psychology on the one hand, and the obsession with the idea of immortality on the other hand, but what would happen if immortality became a curse? It came without choice or prior knowledge, and all she wants to do is getting rid of it. This is one of the views of many of the film The Age of Adaline, which made the movie more interesting about the fact how she survive in that world. In my opinion, the film is great without doubt to be considered.

               The movie Age of Adaline did not show a lot of points about immortality and human life science fiction like a lot of movies nowadays. Indeed, it did not discuss the matter of medical or seeking for an explanation of what happened, but the movie literally ignoring the idea and provide what is going on already around character, which make the story of the move more emotional and romantic, presented in a fantasy way to avoid a lot of scientific facts, which make the film away from the beauty and imagination of Fantasia style and closer to the serious style.

                The film has never been without a good drama touch that can make your emotions take a response when you see the scenes. The writers made an intelligent blending of these different elements, such as, taking advantage of the wonderful text and switch it to a film that we can feel or live the moment. J. Mills Goodloe, Salvador, who helped to transfer the story text into an interesting romantic movie as well as the beauty of the film.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. PEUNG110 says:

    I really want to watch this movie but I couldn’t make it. My friends and I planed to watch this when it’s out but we could’t go ~ now i have to make time to watch it!

  2. Sultan Alkhadli says:

    I watched the movie and I liked it and I liked the women acting but not the man.

  3. abaalkhaila says:

    I will watch the movie soon it seem interesting movie

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