Shopping Online


   The smart way to buy a product is online shopping instead of going to the store. However, many people think using online shopping has lots of risk. Nowadays, there are many advantages than disadvantages of online shopping; like: saving money, having good offers, avoiding traffic jam, and flexible shopping time. I believe using online website is the best way to Shoppe these days.

First of all, the advantages from using online shopping are saving money and offers. There are many websites sell the same products. Therefore, we can compare the price among different websites, and pick the best deal. In addition, sometime we can benefit from discount coupon if we use the online shopping. Also you can get discounts from other store after you buying online.

Second, many people do not like to go buy from the store because there is many traffic on the way. Shopping online can avoids traffic jam. On top of that, buying online allow us to buy a product from anywhere in the world. However, the time needed to ship the product and the fees for the shipping can be expensive. As a result, buying the product from the store can save us money.

Third, online shopping is flexible regarding the time. For example, if you like to buy anything from Macy’s , you can order it online right away and anytime.  Many people do not have enough time to go to the store during the opening hours; they are busy all the day. Also the good thing from using online you can refund what you buying  without going to the store and in any time and it is free.

In my opinion, online shopping is the best way to buy a product(s) for many reasons: save money, benefits from online offers, avoids traffic jam, and flexible shopping time. With the development of the technology, online shopping becomes more advance and secure. Shopping online can have advantages and disadvantages. Based on the people life style, each of them will look at the benefits and the drawbacks from different point of view.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. trini1986 says:

    shopping online is quite easy and painful, sometimes, lol although i have no problem in shopping in the store, online makes it less of a hassle than ,most people would care to endure

  2. PEUNG110 says:

    I do shop online for some certain items like SD card, camera, phone case, book and gifts. I think i will get a good price and it’s easy and convenience. However , i go to the store to see physical product and try the clothes and shoes Then decide to buy it there or make online purchase. My favorite online store website is Amazon.

  3. Sultan Alkhadli says:

    You’re right shopping online is better but not her in NY. I have to be home in order to receive a package.

  4. mslolaaaa says:

    I enjoy shopping online because of its convenience, and hassle free from being in stores with hundreds of people. But sometimes I like trying things on to make sure it fits nicely and looks exactly the way it is advertised.

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